There are many choices for a budget less than 3000, mainly depending on your usage scenarios, whether it is for watching movies at home or for office meetings, such as Skyworth P2, nut g7s, Jimi new generation Z6, etc,

The following are projectors with good cost performance and budget within 3000.

Nut g7s

Product size: diameter 214mm × height 52.7mm

Standard resolution: 1920x108dpi

True brightness: 500ANSI-700ANSI

100 “projection distance: 1.83M

Jimi new generation z6x

Product size: 48193 * 193

Standard resolution: 1920x108dpi

True brightness: 600-800ansi

Wireless on the same screen: support wireless

Jimi play special edition (entry)

Product size: 146 * 105.5 * 94.5mm

Standard resolution: 1280 x 720 DPI

True brightness: 210ANSI

Display scale: 16:9

Xiaomi family Youth Edition

Product size: 115 * 150 * 150 mm

Standard resolution: 1920x108dpi

True brightness: average 500ANSI

Display scale: 16:9

Business Meeting box

BiJie meeting box is a professional wireless display equipment for enterprise office and meeting rooms, schools, exhibition halls and other occasions. It supports miracast, airplay, widi and BJcast (self-developed) projection protocols.

BiJie meeting box adopts the simple screen projection interface design, adopts the unique screen projection entrance, and has a unified style, and does not need to distinguish different types of projection terminals.

No remote control is required for any operation and configuration.
Taking into account the needs of enterprise customers, the multi-channel projection display function is specially designed for the BiJie meeting box, which can support the simultaneous display of up to four terminals (no distinction between mobile phones and computers).


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