Hisense TV projection, how does Hisense TV projection, and the setting method of Hisense TV projection?

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with the rapid development of science and technology, the development speed of TV is also faster than we can imagine. Xiaobian believes that everyone should have heard of Hisense smart TV. What is the setting method of Hisense TV projection? Now let’s learn how Hisense smart TV connects to mobile phone for screen projection.

Hisense TV projection setting method

step 1: set the mobile phone and Hisense TV in the same LAN;


step 2. Scan the QR code on the TV by mobile phone, or search the application mall of mobile phone for [Hisense TV micro assistant], download and install it on the mobile phone;

step 3. Open [Hisense TV micro assistant] on the mobile terminal, you can see the classification of TV dramas, movies, variety shows and other resources under the [Video] column, and there are many built-in video websites. Users only need to select the video resources they want to watch and push them to the TV terminal for playing, and the TV terminal will play them automatically; In addition to watching TV dramas and video programs, you can also browse photos on your mobile phone;


are the specific tutorials on how to connect Hisense smart TV to TV projection. I hope you can smoothly connect your mobile phone to Hisense TV through the above tutorials.

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