How can the mobile phone be wirelessly projected to the TV and computer

“what should I do if I want to project the mobile phone to Xiaomi TV?” “Can the iPhone be projected onto the computer?

iPhone is projected onto the TV

Android is projected onto the computer

Android phones can be projected onto the TV by installing third-party software. The specific operations are as follows:

First, ensure that the mobile phone and the TV are on the same network, search the Bijie projection screen in the TV app store, and press the OK key on the remote control to select installation.


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are also installed in Android phones. After opening the software, click the button below to search for the TV in the living room. After checking, you can connect.

iPhone projection to TV

iPhone projection to TV can be realized through the system’s own image mode, and the operation is also very simple.


wireless screen projection must place the mobile phone and TV under the same WiFi conditions. IOS 11 users pull up the control center and select the screen image to search for the TV in their home. After clicking, the mobile phone screen projection can be realized to the TV.

IOS 10 and below also have the screen image function. Select “airplay image” in the control center.


mobile phones can not only cast the screen to the TV wirelessly, but also cast the screen to the computer. By installing Bijie screen projection software, you can not only cast the screen, but also use the mouse to control the mobile phone. How do you operate it?

Android screen to the computer

open the official website of Bijie on the computer and download the software directly. After the installation of


, open the software, click the button below, search the computer and select the connection. Android mobile phone can play mobile games on the large screen through software, watch videos or control the mobile phone through computer, and record the mobile phone screen!

iPhone can be projected to the computer

iPhone can also be projected using Bijie projection software. The specific operation is similar to that of Android phones. Open the software and search the computer to connect. However, the iPhone does not support computer-controlled phones. In addition, other functions can be used arbitrarily.


although the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, the screen size is still less than that of TV and computer, and the screen projection can perfectly solve this problem. A few simple steps can complete the wireless projection of the mobile phone to the TV / computer. Come and experience the fun of the large screen!