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tiger teeth live broadcast:

mobile phone turns on tiger teeth live broadcast, Connect the mobile phone and TV to the same WiFi, click the TV button, search TV and complete the screen projection.


are the SDK of Bijie projection connected to Huya live broadcast, so the smart TV must have the projection function of pre installed Bijie projection. Or you can manually install the Bijie projection screen into the TV. How to install? Search and download in the TV app store.

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Dragon Ball live broadcast

in the mobile phone Dragon Ball live broadcast, find your favorite live broadcast channel

mobile phone vertical screen state, click the TV button, select the device music investment XX, and then you can invest in TV. A TV button will appear on the right of

national live broadcast

. Click search TV and select Letou XX to watch TV.

panda live broadcast

find the live video to be played

a TV button will appear in the right corner, click search TV and select music investment XX.

Migu live broadcast

find the enterprise live broadcast


to play, and click the TV button. Start searching TV

big God interaction

find the game live broadcast

you want to watch on mobile phone big God interaction, click the TV button in the upper right corner, select device music investment XX, and start watching on TV.

Penguin live broadcast

mobile phone downloads Penguin live broadcast, opens the game live broadcast or sports live broadcast inside,

has a TV button in the upper right corner, click search TV, and select Letou XX to watch TV.


1. Please connect your mobile phone and TV to the same network.

2. Please make sure that the Bijie projection screen is installed and turned on on the TV, so that the TV has the projection function.

3. After the above two steps are completed, there is still no TV button or the device cannot be searched; There may be a problem with network settings. Please contact Bijie customer service or check the help page of TV Bijie.