LED projection, LED wireless projection solution,

has seen that users have asked about the LED projection solution. Today, let’s explain the LED projection solution for you.

1. Are televisions and LED screens delivered through HDMI lines?


2, how to launch them remotely? Because the connection to the computer is not very good-looking and inconvenient;

3, if 4 fast led, the notebook graphics card can’t run. How to solve it?

4, what is the perfect solution? Is HDMI put in? Is there a solution on the?

Bijie wireless projection scheme supports 1-to-many projection. Hardware preparation of


: one computer, four LED screens and four sets of Bijie wireless projection equipment.

first: four sets of projection boxes are connected to four LED screens respectively;

then: connect four sets of wireless projector boxes through four network cables to enter the company’s LAN (if there is no network, Bijie wireless projector box supports AP hotspot function.)

finally: search the equipment signal of Bijie wireless projection box, connect, press the key to complete.


use a multicast function of Bijie wireless projection box. This function is self-contained and is specially used for one to many and many to many projection.


Bijie wireless projection box can also realize the wireless projection function of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. Users in need can consult the official website.