Projection LETV, how to projection LETV?

how to project the screen of LETV method 1: connect the

mobile phone wirelessly to project the screen to LETV.

steps: 1. LETV enters the setting and connects to the network or WiFi. 2. In the application installed by LETV TV, run “wireless display”. 3. Confirm that the mobile phone and TV are connected under the same router. Click “Settings”. 4. Click “wireless and network”, “other connection methods”. 5. Click “wireless display”. 6. Search the TV name by mobile phone and click Connect. After success, the mobile phone plays the movie and the TV directly displays it. First of all, please make sure that your mobile phone and TV are on the same LAN. There is no need to operate too much here. Just make sure that the mobile phone and Sony TV are connected to the same network. How to project the screen of LETV? Method 2: project the screen of

Bijie wireless projector. Whether you are a smart TV or an old-fashioned non smart TV, or you only have a computer monitor, Bijie wireless projector can project the content on your mobile phone or notebook wirelessly. Only one HDMI cable is needed to connect the Bijie interactive box with the monitor or TV, Then turn on the wireless projection function of the mobile phone or notebook to search the ID of the Bijie interactive box. After searching, click Connect. After connecting, the content on the mobile phone or notebook can be wirelessly projected to the TV or display. It is very simple and practical and suitable for all current application scenarios.

how to cast the screen of LETV method 4: airplay

airplay is a wireless technology developed by apple, which can wirelessly transmit pictures, audio and video on IOS devices to devices supporting airplay through WiFi. In addition, airplay has the mirroring function that DLNA does not have. It can wirelessly transmit the pictures on iPhone or iPad to the TV, that is, what your device displays and what the TV screen displays, not limited to pictures and videos. You can use the iPad as the steering wheel and watch the big screen play games. Relevant devices supporting the function of airplay are iphone4s, iphone5, iphone5c, iphone5s, ipad2 and later updated models, as well as ipad Mini, iPad mini2 and iPod touch5 how to cast the screen of LETV. Method 3: DLNA, DLNA and digital living network alliance are a set of interconnection protocols among PCs, mobile devices and consumer appliances initiated by Sony, Intel and Microsoft. Their mission is to “enjoy music, photos and videos anytime, anywhere”. Android system department players have DLNA functions, such as Tencent video, Sohu Video and Xunlei. You can transfer the films that should have been on the mobile screen to the super TV or LETV box for display. Note: DLNA needs to be placed on the same local area network as the mobile phone, and the TV needs to be supported. Now take Tencent video as an example to demonstrate how to use DLNA. 1. Mobile phones and super TVs are in the same LAN. Turn on the “multi screen interaction” function of super TV. This option is in settings – > System – > multi screen interaction. 2. Open the “Tencent video” Application on the mobile phone, enter the “Settings” menu, and check “open DLNA”. 3. When the mobile phone plays video, tap the screen to call out the playback control menu, and click the DLNA icon in the red circle. 4. In the pop-up device selection window, list the current peripheral DLNA devices, and select the devices for screen projection as required. 5. After confirming the device, a control interface will pop up to show that the video is currently buffering. Press the “play” key to play the video content on the super TV terminal. 6. In the process of super TV video playback, you can drag the progress bar on the mobile phone to adjust the playback progress, and complete pause, mute and other controls. How to cast the screen of LETV method 5: miracast miracast is a wireless display standard based on Wi Fi direct connection, which was formulated by Wi Fi alliance in 2012. Devices that support this scale can share video images wirelessly. For example, mobile phones can play movies or photos directly on TV or other devices through miracast without being affected by the length of the connecting cable. Unlike DLNA, miracast also has a mirror function similar to airplay, which can directly put the screen content in the mobile phone on the super TV screen, so that you can also play games through the TV screen. Enter the super TV setting menu, find the miracast item, and set it after confirmation. Set miracast to on. At this time, the super TV enters the 2-minute countdown so that the nearby equipment can detect it. Open the mobile phone setting menu, enter the “display” setting page, and select the “projection screen” item. Turn on the “projection screen” switch. The phone starts searching for display devices. Click the searched device name to connect to miracast. After the connection is successful, the mobile phone desktop will be synchronously displayed on the super TV, and you will have a super large screen mobile phone in an instant. Now playing games and watching movies won’t feel tired at all. How to cast the screen of LETV? Method 6: look at multiple screens. It is a built-in application of LETV super TV, and its function is still very powerful. In addition to providing online film and television, live programs, local resources and home network resources, it can also act as a remote control to control super TV. At the same time, the same screen function can also transmit TV pictures and sounds back to the mobile phone. Here we mainly talk about projecting the mobile phone content to the TV screen, and other functions will be introduced later. Confirm that the mobile phone and super TV are in the same LAN. Turn on the “multi screen interaction” function of super TV. This option is in settings – > System – > multi screen interaction. method 7: put the computer screen on the TV. I see a lot of tutorials about using the mobile phone to put the screen in the forum. However, there are few ways to teach you how to cast computer content on TV wirelessly. Today, I will show you a way to cast computer content on TV wirelessly with the attitude of “endless life and tossing”!