Projection protocol, what kind of smart large screen supports wireless projection,

we often say that mobile phones can be wirelessly projected to televisions and computers through miracast protocol. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you which monitors support wireless projection.


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are three common wireless projection protocols: miracast protocol, airplay screen image protocol and DLNA push protocol. As long as our monitor supports any one of them, it can be projected wirelessly through the corresponding equipment or software.


miracast protocol: the screen projection protocol with the widest application range and the largest application population. Most of today’s mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, televisions, projectors, all-in-one machines… Support it, because wireless projection has only begun to rise in recent years, and most of the previous ones did not support it.


miracast protocol expression form: it is called wireless projection or multi screen interaction [called wireless projection on Computer]. Don’t foolishly look for miracast protocol on mobile phone or TV. Directly look for wireless projection or multi screen interactive function on our device.

airplay screen image protocol: airplay screen image protocol is a special protocol for Apple devices, which requires Apple’s official authorization.

airplay screen mirroring protocol: it is called screen mirroring on Apple phones, tablets and MAC computers.

DLNA push protocol: DLNA push protocol is mainly adopted by various video apps, such as the [TV] logo on the program playing pages of iqiyi, Tencent TV, Youku and other video apps.


are universal wireless screen projection methods.


Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection devices are compatible with these three protocols. In addition, they also support Google cast. The sender supports mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers, cameras and cameras… The system supports Android, IOS, windows and MAC systems, and the receiver adopts HDMI cable connection, that is, as long as the display HDMI receiving interface can be used for wireless screen projection.


, while some other projectors on the market use Android system, that is, they only support miracast protocol. Usage principle of

wireless projector

receives the compatibility of various projection protocols of the box through the wireless projector, and then connects with the large screen through HDMI line, so as to meet the wireless projection of various devices. In other words, the wireless screen projection cooperation only exists between our transmitter equipment and the wireless screen projector box, and the display is purely a display function. Even if the sender device cannot support screen projection, wireless screen projection can be carried out as long as the sender software can be installed or USB and HDMI hardware can be plugged in.