Screen projector, the difference between various wireless screen projection devices,

since the TV can be projected and the app can also be projected, what is the use of the screen projector? Let’s introduce it to you today.

1. TV projection

projection function is generally only available for smart TVs in recent two years, and many older devices do not have the same screen function. Due to the cost problem, many TV’s own projection chips are actually general, and their performance may not be good. Problems such as jamming and blurring are common.

2. The most important feature of the screen app

is free! There is no doubt about this. Most screen apps on the market are free of charge.


but the application scope of projection app is very small. It can only be used on smart TV, and the TV should also be installed with the corresponding TV version of projection app. In fact, it is also integrated in the hardware (TV box and so on). The stability and clarity of


are easily affected by network, signal and other factors, as well as compatibility problems. The experience is good or bad. Using them under the premise of limited budget is better than nothing.

3. The same screen device

at this time, the advantages of the same screen device are reflected, because it is suitable for TVs, monitors, projectors, and even cars. It can be said that as long as there is a same screen device, you can cast the screen everywhere. This convenience is not comparable between the app and the TV. When


are on a business trip, take out the projector, and put the mobile phone or notebook on the TV of the hotel every minute. They are not afraid of the small number of film sources in the hotel. It is no problem to use them as temporary meetings. Connect the projector during the meeting, and the contents in the notebook will be immediately on the wall to share with you. The screen presentation is efficient and fast.


relax at home, connect the projector, watch movies on the large screen of the mobile phone, and go to some cinemas. So of course, the best way to cast the screen is to choose the same screen device. It’s not too convenient to cast where you go, okay?


are all about the same screen device. I have to tell you about the two modes. There are two modes of projection: wireless projection and wired projection. To put it simply, wireless screen projection transmits data through WiFi, while wired screen projection transmits data through USB data cable. It is the same screen projection, but in different ways.


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have their own advantages. The wireless projection mode is not limited by the data line. Generally, the contents of mobile phones and notebooks can be put on the TV a few meters away, and mobile phones and notebooks can walk around without being affected.


and the wired screen projection mode is more stable because it is transmitted through the data line. It will not encounter the phenomenon of bad network jam, and the operation is relatively fast. Basically, it can be put into the past, and basically supports 60Hz high refresh rate, so it is also loved by many fans.