What are the changes of wireless projection to business conference room?

in the traditional meeting scene with projector equipment, some things are essential, such as projector, curtain, laptop, mobile phone, USB flash disk, adapter cable, VGA cable connecting computer and projector.

generally speaking, the problems encountered by

are traditional projector meetings, which can not meet the actual needs of current meetings.

1. Wire connection is required between the equipment and the projector, which is very troublesome and has a very poor experience. Everyone has to reconnect every time, wasting everyone’s precious time;

2. The wire rod needs to be planned in advance. If it is planned later, it will increase the unnecessary construction cost again;

3. Wire has high threshold for use. Different computers and mobile phones need to be equipped with different adapters to connect to the projector normally;

4. The use of wire affects the company’s image and creates the illusion of low efficiency;

5. Unable to meet other subsequent needs, such as multi screen display, picture in picture, wireless screen projection, one key screen projection, centralized control and so on.

wireless projector is a professional wireless sharing and cooperation system. With the wireless interaction between screens, it can get rid of all kinds of wiring and interface matching. There is no need to plan in advance and the meeting can be held at any time.


only need to connect the wireless projector with the projector through HDMI cable and fix the projector on the projector bracket to form a portable conference projection system. Through this system, the screen can be easily transmitted to the large projection screen by mobile phones, tablets and computers, and we can directly throw away those redundant adapters and connecting wires.


create a screen projection mode without technical threshold through wireless mode. Even a person who has not used it can complete wireless screen projection in one minute. On the other hand, multi person cooperation can realize the simultaneous display of four screens, so as to improve the use experience of multi person meeting.

has strong security.

can realize the physical isolation of multiple network segments or internal and external networks according to the needs of customers, connect and project at the same time, support enterprise level it management strategy and accept the full monitoring of it. Reduce the maintenance cost of enterprise IT managers,


do not need additional equipment, and reduce the maintenance needs of it for conference room control equipment and connecting equipment. The product comes with remote batch control function and statistical function, which is convenient for it unified deployment, management, upgrading and statistics of equipment usage, so as to improve work efficiency.

optimize the customer experience and improve work efficiency.

wireless connection projection is convenient and fast, the demonstration operation is simple and intuitive, and can be operated without training. The demonstration equipment responds quickly, the demonstration process is stable and smooth, and supports multiple different types of client devices to cast screens at the same time to improve the conference efficiency.

is simple and convenient, and has strong compatibility.

can be easily connected and shared in real time as long as the conference room has network and projection or projection equipment, which is fully compatible with the original systems and equipment in the conference room. Full platform coverage, support a variety of common personal office computers and mobile devices as fast projection of the client, easy to share.

improve space utilization

eliminates the requirements of cumbersome wiring in the conference room, and the client is no longer hampered by the line connecting the display screen. The space becomes flexible and easy to split and merge or multi-functional applications.