Wireless conference projection screen, intelligent conference room system

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traditional conference room, all kinds of complicated wires, connecting lines, transfer lines and power lines are intertwined into a group, like a spider web, disorderly, and each meeting takes a lot of time to confirm that the meeting can be held normally. The chatter during the meeting made the meeting not connected in time. Every time we change people, we take out our mobile phones to paddle.

wireless conference projection screen

wireless and intelligent reform of the conference room is in full swing. The purpose is to “reduce the burden” for the conference room. Messy and unsightly wiring is the primary operation position. Bijie is specially born for projection screen and uses wireless WiFi transmission to replace the traditional connection line. Just connect the HDMI and USB interface of the device, plug it in and press it, and the wireless screen projection can be realized instantly.

wireless projection “reliability” is very important. As a professional cross platform equipment in the conference room, the stability of the equipment is a necessary prerequisite. In the past, when choosing wireless projection screen, because only one WiFi can be connected, the unstable signal is easy to cause Caton interruption. Although it is only a probabilistic emergency, wouldn’t it be better to be safe.


Bijie interconnected wireless projection adopts 2.4G and 5g dual band transmission, which can automatically search for channels with good signals and switch them without interrupting the process due to network problems. 5g signal transmission is adopted between the transmitting end and the receiving end to ensure the stable transmission of projection pictures in the conference room.

fast switching Conference cooperation mode

in some large-scale external conferences, speeches and reports, many people often need to discuss, supplemented by fast switching briefing content. The pulling and pulling in the process of the meeting makes the meeting not connected in time.

we talked about why the wireless projector with USB button is so popular with small and medium-sized enterprises before? Finally, we agree that the current enterprise managers are still mainly people aged 30-50. The wireless screen projector with USB button can be inserted and pressed, which is more popular among the Post-70s.