Google Chromecast vs BJ62S

chromecast vs bj62

With several wireless streaming devices on the market, how do you know which one to buy? Here we focus on Chromecast vs BJ62S. Learn which device is right for your needs.

So, what’s the difference between a Google Chromecast and an BiJie Meeting Box BJ62S? We get this question frequently and want to give a fair comparison between the two.

They’re both wireless devices that offer streaming between a computer or mobile device to screens and projectors with HDMI ports. How each device accomplishes this and for what purpose, however, is the key difference.


  • BJ62S support Airplay(for iOS/Mac),Miracast(for Android Phone),WiDi(for Win8/10),DLNA(for all streaming app),BJCast(for BiJie APP).Chromecast just support chromecast that need app support.
  • BJ62S offers a free platform for managing an unlimited number of devices from the Cloud. Chromecast does not offer a device management tool.
  • BJ62S does 2-click screen mirroring from a computer app that works on any device. Chromecast does 6-clicks desktop casting through the Chrome browser.
  • BJ62S don’t need to install or run any application in Android/iOS/MacOS/Windows.Chromecast need to run youtube or chrome or other application that supported chromecast.
  • BJ62S supports up to 4 devices cast screens and present 4 device screens simultaneously.Chromecast just supports one.
  • BJ62S is for businesses and schools.Chromecast is for home.
  • BJ62S provide SDK for third party development.Chromecast don’t support.

Chromecast for entertainment,BJ62S for businese

The major difference between Chromecast and BJ62S is that BJ62S is optimized for meetings and other collaborative work at schools and offices, while Chromecast is made for watching TV shows and sharing media at home.Let’s look at some of the features that highlight this difference side by side.

BJ62S’s unified manage platform

  • Can be privatized for deployment
  • Provides up to 6 levels of group management for configuration, statistics, and maintenance of groups and boxes
  • Can provide configuration,for the box, box usage statistics, box reboot,upgrade,and etc.

User usage


1: Open chrome / 2: Settings / Menu / 3: Cast / 4: Drop-down / 5: Cast Desktop / 6: Choose device



1: Open BJCast app / 2: Click “Share” next to the screen you need

WiDi for Win8/10

1: Ctrl+k / 2: Click BJ62 name

Airplay for Mac

1: Click the ‘AirPlay’ icon / 2: select the desired BJ62S

Airplay for iOS

1: Open ‘control center’ / 2: Click ‘airplay’ / 3: select the desired BJ62S

Miracast for Android

1: open“Android drop down menu”/ 2: Click “Cast” Button / 3:select the desired BJ62S


Chromecast lets you enable Guest Mode, which lets your guests cast to Chromecast without connecting to your WiFi network. If your guest is in the room, they can cast from any cast-enabled app, enter a 4-digit pin that appears on the TV, and they can connect to your TV.

With BJ62S, as long as your guests are on the same network as the BJ62S, they can connect to the device through the BJCast app. Networks used by schools and businesses are often a bit more complex than the average home user.

Note that BJ62s also has a function called Pin Code Connect that works similarly to Chromecast’s guest mode, however, with a different intention. You can enable Pin Code Connect on BJ62S, to avoid streaming to the wrong screen and to keep anyone who is not in the room from starting a stream to your BJ62S. With this function turned on, BJ62S will ask you to enter a unique 4-digit pin code every time you start a stream.

Also BJ62S has a function called short code mode. in this word mode, BJCast APP can’t find any BJ62S, the user can enter the 4-digital short code showed on BJ62S output to cast the screen. In this case, it is possible to misplace the leather and the selection difficulty caused by too many BJ62S boxes.

Multiple devices display

BJ62S supports up to 4 devices cast screens and present 4 device screens simultaneously. the devices can be iPhone/iPad/Mac compute/Android Phone/Android Pad/Windows compute. just like this:

Feature Compare

Native Windows 10/8.1 MiracastY 
Native macOS/iOS Airplay MirrorY 
Native Android 4.2+ MiracastY 
Android APPY 
USB TransmitterY 
QR code to MirrorY 
Short code to MirrorY 
Static/Rotating/PIN PairingY 
Simultaneous Presenters on ScreenY 
Front-of-Room Touch Screen CollaborationY 
Cloud ManagementY 
Built-in Wireless2*802.11ac1*802.11ac
Built-in Wired NetworkingY 
Audio OutputY 
Video OutputHDMI 4KHDMI 1080P


BJ62S and Chromecast are designed for two different uses in two different markets.

If you want to conveniently stream movies and other entertainment media, the safe choice is Chromecast. If you’re looking for a Chromecast alternative for businesses and schools, BJ62S is the wireless solution designed for your meeting room TVs and classroom projectors.

With professional functionalities like BJ62S Cloud device management and Homescreen, easy integration into secure corporate networks, and a home screen that doubles as digital signage, BJ62S is the best choice for organizations.

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