There are more and more wireless display  products on the market, and some products have the function of multi collaboration, which can be used in the smart classroom and overflow spaces.

People have more and more choices. So when we are faced with a variety of products, how should we choose? Which product is more suitable for our needs?

This article briefly introduces three multi collaboration products, which are Active Learning from Mersive, vMatrix from WolfVision and Interactive Box BJ72 from BiJie, and we made a comparative analysis, hoping that users can have a general understanding of the product to choose the product that best meets our needs.


    Solstice Active Learning provides a software-based video routing solution used in multi-screen environments, such as active learning rooms, overflow spaces, and confidence monitors. 

    The drag-and-drop interface allows users to virtually design rooms in minutes and route video in real-time all using the Solstice Active Learning app.


      vSolution MATRIX is an AV over IP-based collaboration solution from WolfVision, which uses multiple Cynap / Cynap Core units to stream video and audio between multiple screens using existing network infrastructure.

      Available as a feature pack upgrade for Cynap systems, it is ideal for active learning classrooms, training rooms, and courtrooms of all sizes.

        bj interactive box bJ72

        BJ72 is a product that produced and developed by BiJie networks. BJ72 is a wireless interactive box that mainly used in smart meeting room and smart classroom. 

        It can share anything to any screen, in any room, from any device. It can interactive the screen between master BJ72 and slave BJ72s.

          Master to slaves

          Share master screen of master BJ72 to all of slave BJ72s

          slaves to master

          drag one or more screens of slave BJ72s to master BJ72, can annotate on master BJ72

          Main Differences

              As can be seen from the above description, the main differences between the three are: 

          • Price:
            • Mersive costs $1199 for unlimited enterprise, Wolfvision costs $4000, while BJ72 costs $1299.
            • Mersive’s Box will charge $200/unit per year extra.
            • Wolfvision’s Box with this feature costs at least $4000.
          • Software support:
            • Both Mersive and WolfVision need software support to realize multi-screen interaction function.
            • BJ72 can be operated through touch screen, which is more convenient to operate.

          Main Similarities

          As can be seen from the above description, the main similarities between the three are:

          • All three support annotation and white board.
          • All three support PIN code. 
          • All three support Miracast and Airplay.
          • All three support touchscreen and mouse control.

                              Detailed comparison description

          About BiJie

          BiJie is a high-tech R&D enterprise focusing on the wireless display and interactive. It is committed to provide leading wireless display and interactive product and solution of smart meeting room and classroom. 

          BiJie can supply Miracast SDK or WiDi SDK which supports UIBC and Intel Cursor. We also can supply SDKs of other Wireless Display protocols such as Airplay, DLNA, Google Cast.

          At present, BiJie Networks has established cooperation with hundreds of well-known companies and institutions in the world, including Haier(SEHK1169) , ,, PetroChina(NYSEPTR), MCC, Accenture(NYSEACN), Osram(FWBOSR) and many other industry-level head enterprises.

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