initiate learners into effective ways

1. Define “Think-Pair-Share.” Explain to students that a Think-Pair-Share allows them to activate their prior knowledge and share ideas about content or beliefs with peers. This structure gives students a chance to organize their ideas—first in their own minds, then in a smaller group setting before sharing with the entire group. In a Think-Pair-Share, students Think individually about the question or idea(s) put forth, Pair up with someone to discuss their thinking, and then Share their conversation with their table group, and then finally with the whole group.

2. Display Think-Pair-Share prompts about a concept or topic. Give students 1-2 minutes to think about the prompt on their own. Then discuss with a partner for another few minutes.

3. Facilitate a whole group discussion.

BiJie Active Learning Solution

BiJie’s wireless projection solution adopts the public cloud and private cloud deployment solutions of “BiJie Meeting Box” + “Cloud Management Platform” + “Service Customization”, and tailors the exclusive solution according to the actual situation of the classroom.

  • Support for native function projection such as Miracast, WIDI, Airplay,Google Cast (no need to install APP)
  • Support sender app which can run on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows smart terminal wireless projection (provide APP)
  • BiJie meeting box supports wireless/wired access, supports boot screen customization; provides mobile phone scan QR code/PIN/discover projection screen;
  • The BiJie meeting box supports cloud management functions, which can be unified management, configuration, data statistics, and can privatized deployment;
  • Support multi-box interaction, reverse control and labeling
  • Provides a development of wireless projection sender SDK for integration, the Sender SDK is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows system;
  • Provides development of wireless projection receiving SDK for user integration, users can develop their own interface, projection strategy, meeting management, screen code management and other functions based on BiJie meeting box
  • Provides a development of the box management interface, based on this interface, users can develop their own operation and maintenance management platform for remote unified management of hardware boxes


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