has many devices that provide wireless screen sharing for enterprises. We have compared them in previous articles. This paper will compare and analyze wepresent and Bijie conference box, so that users can find the most suitable device more easily.

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Bijie conference box and wepresent are wireless projection of screen image through HDMI cable. Both devices can be compatible with mainstream operating systems in the market. The functions of Bijie conference box and wepresent can be applied to school and enterprise office environments. Although the functions of Bijie conference box and wepresent overlap, the functional differences between Bijie conference box and wepresent need to be carefully distinguished in specific use requirements.

multi-channel projection

if users need to share and interact among multiple devices in the conference, they can use the multi-channel projection function of Bijie conference box and wepresent. Both Bijie conference box and wepresent can allow up to 4 users to use different intelligent terminals to cast screens to the same large screen at the same time.

projection function

wepresent supports image projection for Mac OS, windows, IOS and Android systems. In some high-end wepresent models, IOS systems are supported to use airplay projection protocol to realize screen mirroring and wireless projection.

Bijie conference box is compatible with native airplay, miracast and widi projection protocols, and supports direct screen projection image of Mac OS, windows, IOS and Android using corresponding protocols. In addition, according to the differences of office environments of different enterprises, Bijie conference box also supports bjcast (self-developed) screen projection protocol. Users can install screen projection software or use USB screen projector for one click screen projection to meet the screen projection requirements of all office scenes to the greatest extent.


due to the diversity of screen projection and image methods of Bijie conference box, Bijie conference box can not only be used in Enterprise Office scenes, but users also choose the device to be used in large screen projection scenes such as smart education and product launch.

manages multiple devices

if users need to manage multiple wepresent devices, they can use wepresent’s Enterprise Collaboration Management Suite (CMGs). With CMGs, wepresent devices can be managed and configured through the network. Users can also create users with different permission levels.

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Bijie conference box has an independent unified management service platform, which can be deployed privately or use Bijie public server. It personnel can independently manage the equipment name, network configuration, on-off status, bound screen code and IP address of any Bijie conference box under the platform through Bijie unified management service platform. Even in the platform management room, it can remotely view the screen status and usage of the equipment. Moreover, Bijie unified management service platform supports one click upgrade of all equipment under the platform, avoiding complicated system upgrade Equipment maintenance work to bring better use experience for enterprise intelligence.

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devices customize the wepresent devices of some models of


, and users can customize the screen wallpaper with the logo of the enterprise.

Bijie conference box supports customization of equipment wallpaper. Enterprises and schools can choose or replace equipment wallpaper according to their needs.


Bijie conference box can provide the most complete wireless projection SDK solution in the industry to meet the integration and customized needs of enterprise users. Provide secondary development of wireless projection, wireless projection transmitting end and receiving end SDK for user integration. The transmitting end SDK is compatible with Android, IOS, MAC and windows system intelligent terminals. Users can develop their own interface, projection strategy, conference management, projection code management and other functions based on Bijie conference box.

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