What is the biggest difference between AR glasses and VR glasses?

AR refers to the fact that there is still an image of the real world in the field of view, but virtual objects are added to the image. The superimposed objects need to have “interaction” with the real scene, such as being able to fit onto walls or be placed on tables. Therefore, it enhances reality and is called augmented reality. AR glasses are a combination of virtual and reality, allowing you to see both the real world and virtual scenes.


At present, there are several main views on the development field of future AR

wearable devices

With the help of terminals such as watches, glasses, and even bracelets, AR experiences can be started anytime and anywhere, improving understanding of the real world. Ultimately, like the scenes described in movies, tapping on the glasses frame will present the quantified world in front of people, helping them understand and manipulate the physical environment, and providing intelligent support for industrial operations.

Internet of Things

AR+Internet of Things is an ideal combination. With the help of big data, every object can become a screen, and each object can be presented in the form of enhanced information. Everything in front of the user can be a screen, and then true freedom will be achieved.

VR, virtual reality, refers to the fact that the entire environment in the field of vision is virtual and has no relation to the real scene. You can wear VR glasses in your living room and instantly visit an alien planet to play space warfare games with your friends. The movie ‘Number One Player’ depicts such a world.

Immersion: The feeling of being in a virtual scene, blocking the light of the real scene and allowing the virtual scene to occupy the entire field of view, making it feel realistic and three-dimensional.

Interactivity: It can interact in real-time with content in virtual scenes, have a real response to user behavior, and rely on sensors, software calculations, execution systems, etc. to provide sensory feedback.

Imagination: A scene based on reality but higher than reality, which to some extent violates the laws of physics and is a delicate surreal scene.

VR glasses are all head display devices. Wearing VR head displays allows us to enter a virtual world visually and gain an immersive experience mentally.

If VR is taking people to a mysterious and illusory world, then AR is helping people better understand the real world and gain immersive experiences from it. The naked eye can no longer meet the level of people’s perception of the world, and AR, like its name of “augmented reality,” makes reality more realistic.