Advertising machine projection, advertising machine wireless projection solution,

at present, many business district management units will install landing touch screen all-in-one advertising machine and other terminals in eye-catching positions, so that the staff can use the background management system to control the online display terminal, provide consumers with information services such as business navigation, flow distribution, safety reminder and business preferential promotion, and guide consumers to quickly go to the target area, And evacuate the dense flow of people in local areas. Not only the service efficiency has been greatly improved, but also the comfort of the shopping environment in the business district can be effectively guaranteed.

but do you know how the content of traditional advertising machines is updated? The content update of


advertising machines is often completed through the content management platform of advertising machines. The content management platform needs to input the update strategy at the platform management end in advance, and then update it in batches through the network. Moreover, the updated content cannot be synchronized in real time. The updated content can only be stored in the advertising machine in advance, and then played according to a certain time sequence.


are not very convenient for many users who want to update on site and see the advertising effect. Then someone thought of editing the content on the computer through the combination of wireless projection equipment and advertising machine. Therefore, according to the needs of users, Bijie network has launched the wireless screen projection solution of advertising machine.

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when we need to project the mobile phone screen to the vertical screen advertising machine and other similar screens, we will find that the general wireless projector is not ideal in the projection effect. Because of the existing wireless projection protocols, miracast and airplay do not provide 9:16 video. The interface of mobile phone or tablet may be vertical screen or horizontal screen. The outgoing video information is in the format of 16:9. If it is horizontal screen without black edge, if it is vertical screen, there will be black edge.


the wireless screen projection solution of advertising machine launched by Bijie solves the problem that the screen cannot be vertically displayed when the screen projector is projected on the market, so that the device screen can be perfectly projected on the advertising machine.

obviously, in this case, the content playback cannot be realized with the original advertising machine management system. With the screen projection technology of Bijie wireless screen projection, the content wireless broadcasting can be easily realized. The principle is that through the multicast of wireless projection equipment and display screen, one display screen is equipped with one wireless projection equipment, and then connected in series. In this way, the host wirelessly sends the content to be played to multiple wireless projection equipment in the form of broadcasting. After receiving the video stream, these displays play the video content synchronously, so as to realize the synchronous broadcasting function of wireless projection.