Wireless display——FAQ

Analysis of difficult problems and operation skills of wireless display

Question and answer

A、In ideal interference free and barrier free environment, it can transmit 20-30m.

B、In general interference environment, it can transmit 5m-10m.

C、In severe interference environment, it may not be used.

A、Far away from the microwave oven, the microwave oven works at 2.4GHz with high power.

B、Away from Bluetooth, Bluetooth works at 2.4GHz.

C、Stay away from WiFi wireless router.

D、Away from Mobile base station.

E、Wireless signal should not be blocked by metal cabinet, wall, TV, etc.

The main reasons are as follows:

  1. For example, if the 2.4G channel is used, due to the long launch time and narrow signal bandwidth, most household appliances and wireless devices use 2.4G channel, which makes the wireless environment more crowded and has large interference.
  2. The BiJie meeting box may be blocked by metal, such as metal cabinet, TV screen, etc.
  3. Wireless network is greatly affected by network environment, if the environment interference is large, there will be network data loss, jitter and other problems, which will lead to video jam.
  4. The requirements of wireless display application are more strict than those of watching video online, because it has higher requirements on time delay and clarity, so it has more stringent requirements on the network.

Users can try to solve this problem by the following measures:

  1. Try to keep away from interference sources.
  2. Try to use 5G WiFi network.
  3. Try not to block the BiJie meeting box with metal.

The BiJie meeting box and transmitter must be in same network segment to automatically search and wireless display.

Cross network segment networking under layer 3 switch: when the receiver is in the discovery mode, the user needs to manually input the device IP to cast the screen; when the receiving end is in the screen casting code mode, the user inputs the screen casting code to cast the screen.

1.Try to use the normal display to connect the box to see whether the output of the box itself is normal

2.Modify the box resolution and matrix resolution of splicing screen

3.Replace the HDMI wire, and if there is an adapter, replace the adapter.

You can use fat32 or ntfs format U disk to add / replace wallpaper with the mouse, or through the management platform to replace wallpaper

Wallpaper recommended 1920 * 1080, 24dpi, JPG or PNG format

Connect the HDMI port with a TV or a monitor with an external sound to see if the output sound of the box is normal

Replace the 3.5mm wire and use a slightly longer interface with two rings and three sections of male port

If the AP and Miracast channels of the box are 2.4G, it is recommended to switch 5G channel for test,

If wireless network is used, connect the cable into a box to see if it is stuck, or if the screen projection device connects to the box AP to see if it is stuck. If it does not, it is necessary to check the signal strength, bandwidth and signal interference of the user’s wireless network.

Contact technical support for remote viewing.

Confirm whether the screen projection device supports reverse control, and then confirm whether the USB cable of touch screen is connected to the box.

I. Adjust Chrome browser configuration

1.First, confirm whether the wireless display function of the Chrome browser is enabled. The steps are as follows:

   – Open the chrome browser by inputting  chrome://flags/

   – Set load media router component extension to enable

   – Set cast media route provider to enable

If you still can’t find the equipment after adjustment, see the next step

 II.Check network status

1.Please make sure that the device of Chrome browser is in the same network segment as the receiving device of Google Cast.

2.The two can ping this ip.

 III. Proofreading time

Please confirm that the device of Chrome browser is consistent with the time of receiving device.

The box time can be reset in settings – more – restart plan – daily fixed time. Click to see the current time 

IV. Port configuration

Please make sure that port 5353 and port 8009 are not disabled

Android Q&A

A、Android system does not open the relevant voice output API for third-party development, so the software APP can not get the sound

B、At present, some solutions adopt Bluetooth to transmit sound and WiFi to transmit video. This solution will lead to asynchronous sound and picture, and worse experience

C、Users can choose to use Miracast for wireless display. Miracast is a self-contained projection protocol of Android system, which can cast the screen without installing software, and the sound and video can be transmitted at the same time, and the effect is very good.

A、There are many Android phone models, and different manufacturers have different implementations of Miracast, which sometimes leads to unstable or unable connection

B、The wifi-p2p function used at the bottom layer of Miracast has good or bad support from various WiFi module manufacturers, resulting in unstable connection sometimes

C、The wireless network is greatly disturbed by the environment, which may lead to unstable connection

D、Users can try several more times or eliminate the wireless interference source

E、Restarting the mobile phone may solve the problem

This is an Android system mechanism, and sound cannot be obtained from the microphone at this time.

Because the projection screen and the actual screen scale is inconsistent, in order to ensure the visual effect of the screen projection, it is necessary to zoom according to the actual screen scale. If not, the screen projection will be deformed.

In order to ensure that the screen projection screen does not exceed the display range, so the proportional scaling is realized. If you do not do so, it will cause the Android side to play across the screen beyond the display range. Because Miracast cannot know the horizontal and vertical screens, the Android transmitter can achieve the same effect as the iPhone after modification.

Domestic well-known boxes: BJ62S of BiJie, projection box of Hagibis, and connection application of windows, which are used as the receiving end and then put on the screen, have the problem that P20 can not be put into operation. In addition, many customers on the Huawei forum have feedback on this issue. The link address is:


BJ62S和Hagibis wireless projector compared video:


The means of circumvention are as follows:

Click on the wireless WLAN on the P20 and P30 mobile phones, then turn off the WLAN of the mobile phone, and then restart the WLAN on the mobile phone to resume the normal screen display!

Mac Q&A

The screen size of the MAC screen is determined according to the built-in resolution size of the MAC screen. Generally, the built-in resolution of the screen of the MacBook series is 1440 x 900 and below, which is less than the size of 1920 x 1080. The receiver mostly displays the screen in 1080p mode. Therefore, the macbook series can not display in full screen, and there will be black edges on both sides. However, if the 1080p monitor is connected to the projection screen, it can achieve the effect of full screen display.

Computer: System Preferences – Monitor – display the mirror option in the menu bar (when available), tick “at the bottom” – TV icon on the top right, and select play in space.

Windows Q&A

A、Windows system does not open the relevant API for the third-party control, so the software can not control the computer not to output sound and does not affect the computer’s own mute configuration

B、Users can choose to manually turn off the local sound or switch the sound acquisition device in the client configuration interface to solve this problem.

C、Users can use WiDi for screen projection,Widi is the screen projection protocol of win8 and win10, which can be displayed by installing software. After the screen is successfully cast, the local sound of the computer will no longer be output, and the local volume control of the computer can be synchronized to the meeting box of BiJie.

A、The wifi-P2P function used in the bottom layer of WiDi, and the support of various WiFi module manufacturers is uneven, which results in different brands of computers with different technology adaptations in WiDi protocol. It is true that sometimes the connection is unstable. We are now able to guarantee compatibility with more than 95% of the devices on the market.

B、The wireless network is greatly disturbed by the environment, which may lead to unstable connection

C、It is recommended to update the latest version of network card and graphics card driver (driver wizard)

D、Users can try several more times or eliminate wireless interference

E、Restarting the laptop may solve the problem

A、Microsoft has also stopped updating Windows 8 due to limited hardware and systems. It is recommended to update the system to the latest Windows 10 operating system.

BSome small version numbers of windows10 cannot support WiDi function:

CWiDi requires the support of graphics card and WiFi network card. If the video card or network card does not support it, it cannot be used

D、Update graphics and network card drivers (you can use the driver wizard)

E、You can use the following steps to test whether the notebook supports WiDi

In the Intel Core graphics card control panel to modify the size of the wireless display image to 100%

GDI is the technology used in the screen capture of the SDK of windows transmitter on Windows 7. GDI screen capture technology does not support window capture with special display effect (such as windows supporting windows Areo desktop display effect), so the window with special display effect cannot be intercepted. Similarly, when Windows 7 starts to display the screen, the desktop theme will switch to Windows 7 basic theme effect.

There’s another problem that I’ve often encountered before. Win10 native cast screen , if the computer Click to cancel the screen cast, the computer will crash. You have to restart your computer! What’s the reason for this.

The start under the desktop, and some functions on the right can’t be opened! It can only be restored by forced shutdown or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del or right-click to log off with task manager. This is a bug in Windows itself. The original screen projection protocol receiver cannot manage the operation of the computer


Use Intel driver and support assistant to update the driver of video card and wireless network card. The premise is that the space of Disk C is more than 2G and the system update has been completed.

 Most of the reason are  caused by computer abnormal!

Evasion means:

  1. Delete the widi device information on the computer, and then re cast the screen!

The operation steps are as follows:

Win + K calls up the list of devices found by widi, and then click “find other types of devices”

Then click “delete device”. After the deletion is successful, win + K again and perform widi screen projection! At this time, the normal widi screen projection can be restored!

2.Refresh the network card driver on the computer, upgrade the network card driver

To update and upgrade the network card driver:

Method 1:Download “Driver Wizard” and update the current network card driver of the computer!

If using Intel processor and graphics card, you can check the update through Intel driver and support assistant



Method 2: update the driver through the device manager on the computer!

Then select Update Driver (as shown below)

3.The interface of Win + K screen is stuck. Currently, it is confirmed as a Microsoft bug. Users can only recover by logging off or restarting.

4. After the box is enabled with pin code, if the computer has no place to input pin code,

Press Win + P and select connect to wireless monitor. Scroll down to see if you can find the input box

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