smart class room solution

The wireless display solution of BiJie smart classroom is based on BYOD interactive teaching application scene, which realizes the wireless display and screen sharing of mobile phones and computers, so that teachers and students can more flexibly and conveniently conduct the wireless display demonstration of courseware and teaching content, making teaching more vivid

Intelligent terminal wireless display

IOS, Android, Windows, MAC intelligent terminal wireless display, compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, DLNA, Google Cast, BJCast protocol.

Support QR code and SHORT CODE wireless display

The client software of BiJie can provide scan code direct display and short code fast wireless display function.

Provide SDK development kit

BiJie provides complete SDK for transmitter and receiver, and can provide C / C + +, and node.js , C#, Object-C, NW and electron interfaces.

Multi channel wireless display

It can support 6-channel intelligent terminal display on the same screen, without terminal type restriction. Teachers and students screen can be displayed on the same screen. Support 4K HD display.

drag and drop

The interaction between the teacher screen and the student screen can be completed by dragging and dropping on the large touch screen, no additional equipment or software is required.

Support unified management platform

It provides unified operation and maintenance management of BiJie devices, statistics , and supports privatization deployment.


Mobile phone, computer wireless display, avoid the tedious wiring operation of teachers and students;
Compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, DLNA, Google Cast native protocols
Android, IOS, Win10 and MAC computers display directly without software



1-6 channel adaptive display on the same screen (BJ66);
It is suitable for class PPT demonstration, homework comparative evaluation, topic explanation, etc;
Through the touch screen, you can also mute, zoom in, zoom out and kick out the screen.

wireless display

QR code wireless display

Scan the QR code of the system interface by using the code scanning function of BiJie mobile phone app,  and automatically start the wireless display; it can support the wireless display across network segments and VLAN networks;

Short code wireless display

The client software can input the short code directly, which is efficient and convenient  

Expansion screen &Program window wireless display

Expansion screen wireless display

PPT speech can be expanded to display on the screen, local courseware notes preview explanation;

Program Window wireless display

Support the display of specified application window.

Campus publicity wallpaper rotation

The display box supports wallpaper rotation.
The course table, formula table and course requirements can be played as wallpapers; The publicity pictures can be replaced by local USB flash disk or unified management platform, and the maximum number of customized images is 20

Reverse control

BiJie education wireless interactive box supports reverse control of computer and mobile phone (some models do not support)

The teacher or student’s intelligent terminal is displayed onto the large screen, and the teacher can reverse control the display terminal equipment on the large screen to perform page turning, rolling and other operations.


When the mobile terminal is put on the large screen, the annotation function can be opened through the touch of the large screen to annotate the displayed content in real time, so as to improve the interactive teaching experience.

Electronic whiteboard

BiJie education wireless interactive box provides electronic whiteboard function, which can be used for fluent writing and writing on the blackboard through the touch screen, and at the same time, it can scan the code to save the picture record

Unified management of campus platform

Platform based operation and maintenance management, providing data statistics, remote operation and maintenance, information release services;

The platform can support both public cloud deployment and private deployment;

Large scale deployment of multi classrooms can reduce the cost and difficulty of operation and maintenance.

Provide SDK development kit

It provides a full set of SDK development kits for transmitter, receiver and platform of BiJie, which is convenient for secondary development of education integrators.

Transmitter SDK:Android Sender SDK、iOS Sender SDK、Windows Sender SDK、Mac OS Sender SDK

    Windows can provide C / C + + interface or node.js Interface, C#interface

    MacOS platform can provide C / C + + interface or node.js Interface

    Android SDK provides C, C + + or AAR interfaces

    The IOS platform provides C, C + +, Object-C interfaces, and has the ability to call IOS airplay or IOS screen recording

integrated with the third-party education information system

BiJie education wireless display system provides an open API interface, which can be integrated with teaching management, online direct recording and broadcasting, course management, intelligent teaching equipment control and other systems.

Product parameter


Typical customers

BiJie has many successful cases in the education industry, including the wireless display integration cases of education integrators, and the successful experience of mass deployment of direct procurement in schools.

Nankai University
WuHan University
ShenZhen college of international education
YunNan University
HARBIN Finance University
HangZhou Normal University