Digital Signage Solution

The integration of traditional digital signage and wireless display is the development trend of information technology industry. The digital signage solution of BiJie  solves the flexible transformation from traditional information release system to intelligent information release system, and supports the flexible wireless display of smart phones and PCs anytime and anywhere. The content update of advertising machine can also achieve real-time update, and temporary advertising insertion becomes possible.

Wireless display of intelligent terminal

Support IOS, Android, windows, MAC smart phones, PC wireless display

Provide SDK development kit

Bijie provides complete SDKs for transmitter and receiver, and can provide C / C + +, and node.js , C #,Object-C, NW and electron interfaces.

Horizontal and vertical screen switching

Support horizontal and vertical screen switching to meet different types of advertising screen.

Native display protocol support

Compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, DLNA, Google Cast, native display protocol.

Support docking with information release system

It can be integrated with the advertising information release system, and can provide a unified management platform to manage and control the equipment authorization

support short code and PIN CODE

Display security encryption processing to prevent misoperation

Wireless display of intelligent terminal

Mobile phone, computer wireless display, advertising pictures, video real-time push;

Compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, DLNA, GoogleCast Native protocol.


Horizontal and vertical screen switching presentaion

Horizontal version and vertical version of the advertising screen can flexibly switch the mode, and can adapt to the display proportion of mobile phone screen.

Provide SDK development kit

It provides a complete set of SDK development kits for transmitter, receiver of BiJie display, which is convenient for users to integrate secondary development.

Sender SDK: Android sender SDK, iOS sender SDK, windows sender SDK, Mac OS sender SDK

Windows can provide C / C + + interface or node.js Interface, C # interface

MacOS platform can provide C / C + + interface or node.js Interface

Android SDK provides C, C + + or aar interfaces

The IOS platform provides C, C + +, Object-C interfaces, and has the ability to call iOS Airplay or iOS screen recording

Platform based unified management

Platform based operation and maintenance management, providing data statistics, remote operation and maintenance, information release services.

The platform can support both public cloud deployment and private deployment


PIN code is required to use the native display protocol

The short code needs to be input when using the special APP.

Ensure the safety of displaying, and prevent the screen casting by mistake and illegal content