Miracast SDK

Miracast is a standard for wireless connections from sending devices (such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones) to display receivers (such as TVs, monitors, or projectors), introduced in 2012 by the Wi-Fi Alliance

This describes the Miracast Receive SDK which is developed by BiJie

Our Miracast SDK

Our Miracast
SDK Features


BiJie Miracast SDK supports basic features of Miracast Mirror, Auido Mirror, HDCP, UIBC.

Support Platform

BiJie Miracast SDK can run on Android,Windows,Linux which can run on X86,MIPS,ARM and etc. BiJie Miracast SDK can receive Miracast from Android, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10


BiJie Miracast SDK includes sdk document, sdk library and demo include source code. The interface can be C/C++, JAVA/AAR. The integration cycle just needs 1-2 weeks.

Our Miracast SDK Advantages

Multi Split Display

The BiJie Miracst SDK can accept multiple Miracast transmitter streams at the same time.The final effect can be a multi-screen effect, similar to the picture on the right.

UIBC of Miracast

The BiJie Miracst SDK can support for UIBC (User Input Back Channel), which allows inputs from the Miracast receiver (touch, stylus, mouse, keyboard and gamepad) to control the Miracast sender, if---and only if---the user explicitly allows this

HDCP of Miracast

We can support Miracast® user displaying an HDCP-protected movie from their mobile phone or tablet to a television.

Data of BiJie Miracast SDK

Integrate Users

The number of users which are integrating our miracast sdk

1 M
End Users

The number of users which are using our miracast sdk

Miracast SDK Support

How To Use Miracast on Windows 10

the user guide of miracast on windows 10

How To Use Miracast on Android

The user guide of miracast on HUAWEI/SAMSUNG/Google phone and other Android phones

Miracast SDK Document

The document of Miracast SDK run on Android. You also can find other documents

About BiJie

BiJie is a high-tech R&D enterprise focusing on the wireless display and interactive. It is committed to provide leading wireless display and interactive product and solution of smart meeting room and classroom

BiJie also can supply SDKs of other Wireless Display protocols such as Airplay, DLNA, Google Cast.

At present, BiJie Networks has established cooperation with hundreds of well-known companies and institutions in the world, including Haier(SEHK1169) , JD.com(NASDAQJD) , 58.com(NYSEWUBA), PetroChina(NYSEPTR), MCC, Accenture(NYSEACN), Osram(FWBOSR) and many other industry-level head enterprises.