Hotel ROOM Solution

BiJie hotel room wireless display solution adopts secure and encrypted wireless display transmission protocol, which provides wireless display and screen sharing of mobile phones and computers for hotel industry, so that guests can avoid cumbersome wiring operation, and can display video series or games on mobile phones to the guest room TV for large screen play. The one-to-one wireless display binding device can prevent the wrong display of mobile phone and ensure the privacy and safety of guests.


The client software of Bijie can provide QR direct display and short code fast display function.

one-to-one scan code display

The data channel adopts the QR code encryption and authentication mechanism.
The authentication can prevent the miscast.

Support integration and docking with hotel IPTV system

It can be integrated with IPTV system of hotel to realize unified management and control of information system software.

Phone, pc wireless dislay

iOS, Android phones and PC display the video, pictures on the TV in the hotel guest room to play.

One to one code scanning secure connection

Scan code authentication is realized, and one-to-one device is bound to display;

No gateway equipment is needed to prevent network miscast.


No need to install display software

Compatible with Airplay, DLNA native display protocol, supporting film and music display;

App video display, such as iqiyi, Youku and Tencent video, are simple and easy to use.

Customized for IPTV system of Hotel

BiJie display provides an open API interface, which can be integrated with the hotel IPTV system.

Welcome advertisement for staying in Hotel

BiJie display supports wallpaper carousel, and after docking with the hotel guest control system, it can play the welcome pictures.

wireless display

QR code wireless display

Scan the QR code of the system interface by using the code scanning function of BiJie mobile phone app,  and automatically start the wireless display; it can support the wireless display across network segments and VLAN networks;

Short code wireless display

The client software can input the short code directly, which is efficient and convenient.