Google Cast SDK

Google Cast, branded for consumer devices as Chromecast built-in,[1] is a proprietary protocol developed by Google that enables mobile devices and personal computers to initiate and control playback of Internet-streamed audio/video content on a compatible device, such as a digital media player connected to a high-definition television or home audio system. The protocol was first launched on July 24, 2013, to support Google’s first-generation Chromecast player.

This describes the BiJie Google Cast Receive SDK which is developed by BiJie

Why don't use SDK released by Google

The Google Cast SDK was released on February 3, 2014, allowing third parties to modify their software to support the protocol.

But the SDK of Google is only for Android TV OS and Chromecast, and the Android TV OS is not popular. So if your receive device is a normal android device or a linux device or a windows device, you can not use the SDK released by Google.

So this is the advantage of BiJie Google Cast SDK.

Google Cast
SDK Features


BiJie Google Cast SDK supports basic features of Mirror, Stream of video and audio

Support Platform

BiJie Google Cast SDK can run on Android,Windows,Linux which can run on X86,MIPS,ARM and etc.

Support Source

BiJie Google Cast SDK can receive from Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux and ChromeOS


BiJie Google Cast SDK includes sdk document, sdk library and demo include source code. The interface can be C/C++, JAVA/AAR. The integration cycle just needs 1-2 weeks.

Data of BiJie Google Cast SDK

Integrate Users

The number of users which are integrating our google cast  sdk

1 M
End Users

The number of users which are using our google cast sdk

Google Cast SDK Support

for Android TV OS

the receive apk for Android TV OS

for Normal Android OS

The receive apk for normal android

for FireTV

The receive apk for FireTV

About BiJie

BiJie is a high-tech R&D enterprise focusing on the wireless display and interactive. It is committed to provide leading wireless display and interactive product and solution of smart meeting room and classroom. 

BiJie also can supply SDKs of other Wireless Display protocols such as Airplay, DLNA, Google Cast.

At present, BiJie Networks has established cooperation with hundreds of well-known companies and institutions in the world, including Haier(SEHK1169) , ,, PetroChina(NYSEPTR), MCC, Accenture(NYSEACN), Osram(FWBOSR) and many other industry-level head enterprises.