Advertising machine screen projection – How to project the advertising display screen? How to operate a mobile phone screen projection to an advertising machine?

When the phone and TV are in mirror projection mode, due to the display ratio, the TV will not be full screen and can only display a portion of the screen in the middle in vertical mode.
The Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System uses professional equipment to rotate images and introduces a solution for advertising machine screen projection, thereby meeting the needs of current users. The Bijie advertising machine wireless screen casting solution solves the flexible transformation from traditional information publishing systems to intelligent information publishing systems, supporting flexible wireless screen casting for smartphones and PCs anytime and anywhere. The content updates of the advertising machine can also achieve real-time updates, making temporary advertising placements possible.

Simply rotating the content on the display screen 90 degrees to landscape display, with a portion of the screen above being black, seriously affecting the user experience. After improvement, now projectors that can support free rotation must be equipped with automatic full screen function.
Through the Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System, it is easy to achieve mobile TV projection, full screen, and landscape display.
1. Connect the Bijie device to the TV through an HDMI cable;
2. Plug in an internet cable to your Bijie device, or connect your phone directly to the AP hotspot of your Bijie device (with built-in WIFI and support for both screen mirroring and 4G data usage. Even if you don’t have an internet connection at home, you can still use it normally)

3. Open the browser on the phone, enter the IP address of the Bijie device, search for the device, display, select angle, one click full screen, save, and exit.
4. Then project the screen on the phone. Android phones can use the built-in wireless screen mirroring, while Apple phones can use the built-in screen mirroring.
At this point, the image projected onto the screen is full screen or landscape.