AirPlay screen mirroring – Which TVs support AirPlay screen mirroring? How to cast screen when TV does not support AirPlay?

TV brands that support AirPlay and AirPlay2 include LG, Samsung, Sony, and VIZIO. These TVs usually have built-in AirPlay receivers, and users only need to connect their phones or computers to the same Wi Fi network as the TV to push audio or video content to the TV through the AirPlay protocol.

So, other TV brands do not support AirPlay screen mirroring. How should a phone or computer screen mirroring onto a TV? We recommend that you use the Bijie wireless screen projector. For home entertainment, you can choose BJ60S – which supports dual screen projection, as well as Miracast, WiDi, Googlecast, DLNA, HUAWEIcast+screen projection protocol, 4K resolution, and other functions; If it is for enterprise office, you can choose BJ66 or BJ80, which supports BYOM wireless conference, information publishing, and unified management platform. There is also an enterprise version of the projector now, making office work more efficient!

Among them, AirPlay2 has been enhanced in terms of functionality compared to AirPlay, such as supporting multiple device connections and automatic audio synchronization. In addition, AirPlay2 also supports the projection of Dolby Vision and Dolby Full Scene Sound, which can provide better audio-visual effects.

It should be noted that different brands and models of TVs may have varying levels of support for AirPlay and AirPlay2. For specific information, please refer to the TV manual or relevant websites. In addition, when using AirPlay or AirPlay2, it is necessary to ensure that the phone, computer, and TV are all connected to the same Wi Fi network, and that the compatibility between the devices is good.