The city is built on the mountain and the mountain is in the city – “mountain city” Chongqing is an “important economic town” in Southwest China. Modern skyscrapers and rich Bayu culture blend and collide with a spicy and delicious lifestyle. The beauty of Chongqing has been excavated and discovered by more and more people, and has become the online Red holy land with the top 3 popularity of punch in and sightseeing in China!

LianJian optoelectronics helped Chongqing build a “net red password” and continued to promote the construction and upgrading of Chongqing’s tourism industry. At the beginning of this year, the large naked eye 3D screen of nearly 1000 m2 in Wanda Plaza, Wanzhou, Chongqing, produced by LianJian optoelectronics, was officially put into use. Once lit, it attracted a large number of tourists, helped build a popular business district and promoted the regional economic growth of Chongqing.

Naked eye 3D picture of Wanda Square, Wanzhou District, Chongqing

This large screen is also the largest naked eye 3D screen in Northeast Chongqing, with a full screen resolution of 5376 × 2208; The patented technology of LianJian photoelectric arc corner is used to make the screen corner fully adapt to the building structure, and the smooth, seamless and non splitting installation effect of the screen is excellent; The application of advanced technologies such as ultra-high contrast light absorption mask technology and outdoor bright wide-angle display also perfectly presents the diversified details of different scenes during the day or night; Achieve an engaging and immersive visual effect.

At the same time, on the other side of Wanda Plaza, there is an outdoor corner screen of nearly 300 m2, which was undertaken by LianJian Optoelectronics in 2019. It is located at the busiest traffic intersection in the business district, with excellent information dissemination effect; The two screens interact and echo each other from afar, which has great commercial communication appeal, making Wanda business district the most brilliant urban symbol in Wanzhou.

Outdoor corner screen of Wanda Plaza, Wanzhou District, Chongqing

Coincidentally, the “Chongqing light” project – Chongqing Meilian Plaza 2000 m2 naked eye 3D giant screen is also the exquisite work of LianJian optoelectronics. The project was delivered within 30 days during the Spring Festival + epidemic period, and the delivery speed can be called the first in the industry; The hot spectacle after the screen is lit is reported in prime time on CCTV.

LianJian optoelectronics 2000 m2 naked eye 3D giant screen lights up “Chongqing light”

From the naked eye 3D large screen of “fire out of the circle” in Chengdu Swire to the creative naked eye 3D display large screen in Guangzhou Zhengjia square, LianJian photoelectric naked eye 3D screen leads the industry. The total area of naked eye 3D large screen is far more than 10000 M2! In the future, LianJian optoelectronics will bring more sophisticated LED large screen and more cutting-edge display technology to light up more cities and let more people enjoy the feast of naked eye 3D vision!

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