screenbeam and Bijie conference box are high-quality wireless projection solutions designed for education and enterprises. However, the two devices still have some functional differences. Let’s take screenbeam750 and bj62s as examples to make a comparative analysis. Summary of


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key points: Bijie conference box can use miracast, airplay and DLNA native protocols for screen mirroring; Screenbeam does not support the use of Apple products and only supports the miracast protocol. Both screenbeam and Bijie conference box support connecting large screen display devices through HDMI cable. Screenbeam supports 1-way screen image projection, and Bijie conference box supports up to 4-way simultaneous image projection. Both screenbeam and Bijie conference box have centralized control and management platforms. Screenbeam CMS needs to be paid for use and has a single use mode. Bijie cloud management platform can be customized and developed together with Bijie conference box to meet various use needs. Bijie conference box has built-in 4GHz and 5GHz dual network cards, and screenbeam has built-in 2.4GHz network card. Both screenbeam and Bijie conference box support users to use USB transmitter for screen projection. The screen projection Protocol

screenbeam supports the miracast protocol for wireless screen projection / multi screen interaction. The protocol supports windows10 and windows8 1 PC device and Android 4 For Android devices with more than 2 channels of screen projection, IOS or Mac OS devices need to select screenbeam 1100 model to projection through screenbeam.

in contrast, Bijie conference box supports miracast, airplay and DLNA protocols. Windows \ Android \ IOS \ Mac OS devices can directly use the device native protocol for wireless screen projection, and support up to 4 channels of simultaneous screen projection.

in addition, Bijie conference box can provide SDK development kit to facilitate Linux users’ technical integration, so that Linux devices can also complete the operation of wireless screen projection through Bijie conference box.


in the test environment, the compatibility effects of screenbeam and Bijie conference box using miracast protocol for wireless screen projection are different.

screenbeam test effect:

Bijie conference box test effect:

centralized management

if multiple wireless projection device groups have a centralized control system, it can well solve the daily management problem. Screenbeam and Bijie conference box are equipped with centralized control and management system, but the two systems are different.

screenbeam CMS is the centralized management platform of screenbeam. It allows administrators to monitor the status of devices, organize or manage screenbeam according to the situation of devices, and update, reset or change personal settings and network devices on a daily basis. However, when using screenbeam CMS, the platform and the devices under the platform need to be in the same network environment, or you can access the network environment of screenbeam devices. Screenbeam CMS needs to be purchased and used, and the validity period is only 3 years. After the expiration, you need to renew the subscription to continue to use. If you don’t renew the subscription, you can only use the functions of the old version.

Bijie conference box uses the cloud management platform independently developed by Bijie network and adopts the public cloud and private cloud deployment scheme of “Bijie conference box + cloud management platform + service customization”, which solves the needs of enterprise cross network projection and supports cross VLAN projection under enterprise complex network. In addition to supporting basic equipment management, daily upgrade, equipment status monitoring and other management operations, Bijie cloud management platform also supports real-time statistics of conference information, simplifying the workload of enterprise conference content management.

desktop setting and mode switching

screenbeam and Bijie conference box support users to set personalized interface and change desktop pictures in the setting function.

in addition to simple desktop picture replacement, Bijie conference box also supports the switching of “screen code mode” and “discovery mode”, which is convenient for users to switch modes according to their own operation needs and screen environment during use. This function makes the usability of Bijie conference box in enterprise or education scenes more intuitive and convenient.

concludes that

advocates efficient office. Today, the demand for wireless screen projection and multi screen interaction is growing. Screenbeam and Bijie conference box are flexible wireless screen projection solutions, which can be used in education and office scenes.

if users in the usage scenario only use mobile terminal devices of windows 10 and Android 4.2 + or above, screenbeam and Bijie conference box are good choices for screen projection devices. If some users use IOS or Mac OS devices, they need to select the Bijie conference box, because screenbeam does not support the airplay protocol.


in addition to the original screen projection protocol, the “screen projection code mode” or “discovery mode” of Bijie conference box supports users to switch the screen projection mode or install the screen projection software for screen projection, which can better meet the screen projection needs of users in use.

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