Bijie interactive wireless screen projector tablet PAD wireless screen tutorial

  1. Multi-picture display

Starting with the BJ60, the Bijie box allows multiple images on the large screen at the same time

  1. Broadcast function

If the user chooses Betjie Interactive Box, we can also use the AP broadcast function of the wireless screen projector to broadcast to multiple tablets, so that the screen of A can be broadcast to the big screen of B while the screen of A can be broadcast to the tablets of other participants [The broadcast function supports four devices, the screen of A can be broadcast to B, and the four tablets of C/D/E/F at the same time].

  1. Multicast function

Bijie interactive box wireless projection screen can be connected through wired or wireless way, multicast. To solve the current “one-to-many screen cast” [many-to-one screen cast] [many-to-many screen cast].

Summary: The wireless projection of tablet iPad to the large screen is similar to the big screen of mobile phone. The only difference is that after the screen projection of tablet, users can operate on the tablet more conveniently and quickly than that of mobile phone.