Bijie network and Wenhua online jointly launched the intelligent classroom interactive solution, and

Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wenhua Online Education Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched the intelligent classroom interactive teaching system solution.


in the cooperation scheme, Bijie network provides Wenhua online with a group discussion teaching software SDK scheme based on Android teaching all-in-one machine. Culture online is responsible for the functional integration and development of interactive teaching application layer, realizing the deep integration of multi screen interactive technology and intelligent education. Based on Curriculum teaching, Bijie network provides multi screen interactive hybrid system upgrade for intelligent teaching system, and supports teachers’ large screen broadcasting Flexible and diverse multi screen interactive applications such as group screen following viewing, multi terminal screen projection and comparison with the same screen, intra group projection and interaction, inter group projection and display, and capturing the group screen to the large screen for multi screen comparison and display, so as to realize multi-level and diversified teaching of teacher-student interaction, group interaction and intelligent terminal interaction in the classroom.

Bijie intelligent teaching interactive software integrated SDK solution:

for classroom use scenarios using Android / windows touch all-in-one machine, Bijie provides a pure software multi screen interactive solution. Only one set of interactive software needs to be installed to realize the interactive functions such as broadcasting, push-pull streaming and so on between the teacher’s main screen and the group screen. At the same time, it can be compatible with airplay, googlecast and bjcast wireless projection protocols. Bijie intelligent teaching interactive software can provide SDK development kit to facilitate third-party integration.

advantages and features:

supports the installation and use of Android and windows all-in-one machines;


can reduce user deployment costs;


support diversified product forms, which can support the combination of software and hardware.