BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is threatening in the Spring Festival of rats. In the face of the sudden epidemic, the people of the whole country are united in their hearts and minds, stick to their posts, provide warm services, ensure safety, and resolutely block the spread of the epidemic. Zhuohua people pay homage to those who are fighting in the front line of the anti epidemic, Wuhan refueling! China refueling! The war “epidemic” will win!

    In order to improve the coordination efficiency and meeting effect, the video epidemic prevention and control conference system in Licheng District of Jinan constructed and installed the voury zhuowa LED display and control system in an urgent manner, completed the debugging and installation of the whole display and control system in two days, and put it into emergency use. The project adopts ultra-high display technology, seamless splicing technology, and video conference interconnection technology, so as to provide the dispatching conference system during the epidemic period The result of the meeting is good.

After receiving the urgent task of vacation, engineer Zhuo Hua of voury has built the video situation prevention and control system in Licheng District of Jinan at the fastest speed from goods preparation, transportation, installation and commissioning, fully practicing our slogan of “win win together with Zhuo Hua”. At present, we are not medical workers, unable to fight for the first line of anti epidemic, but as a Chinese, we take our responsibilities and give a little. At present, we are brave and retrograde, contributing our due strength to the victory of anti epidemic.

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim, and voury Zhuohua sincerely hopes that the war without gunpowder will end as soon as possible. At the same time of fighting against the epidemic, voury zhuowa will continue to promote technology and product innovation, with better products and better display and control solutions. Here, all Zhuohua people pay a high tribute to the anti epidemic warriors who are fighting in the front line. With the unity of the whole country, we will surely win the final victory of this battle, and let’s wait for the spring to bloom.