BJ72 Interactive Box

Wireless Interactive

Share anything to any screen, in any room, from any device.

Connect your DEVICES

BJCast app

Share screen and voice from devcies iPhone/Mac/Windows/Android by BJCast app. and some more power features.

Google Cast

Enjoy Google Cast screen mirroring or windows morroring from your Android device or the Chrome web browser or Chromebook.


Utilize built-in screen sharing or video sharing or music sharing from your iPhone, iPad or Macbook.

Miracast and WiDi

Enable peer-to-peer connectivity within Windows or Android devices, can share screen and voice.


Master to slaves

Share master screen of master BJ72 to all of slave BJ72s

slaves to master

drag one or more screens of slave BJ72s to master BJ72, can annotate on master BJ72

Why BJ72

No Need install app

you also can share you desktop or screen if you don't want to install application on you devices include windows/MacOS/iPhone/Anroid

Multi Split Display

The BJ72 can accept multiple transmitter streams at the same time.The final effect can be a multi-screen effect, see to the video on the left

Unified Management

The management system can configure and maintain all of the meeting boxes, can collect and dashboard the used data and statistics. and this system can be private deployment

BJ72 Sales Data


More than this number of organizations used our equipment

sold devices

We have sold more than this number of BJ72


BJ72 serves more than this number of users

What our customer say

We deployed BJ72 in hundreds of smart classrooms, each of which deployed 5-7 units, with students discussing in groups, videos are very smooth, and the teaching process is smoothly upgraded
Teacher Chen
Doctoral tutor/NanKai
We purchased thousands of BJ72, and privatized the management platform. Data is no longer leaked and management is very convenient.And deployed in our exhibition hall, multiple display large screens are linked
Mr Zhang
IT Manager/Accenture
We have integrated software and hardware with Bijie's products to provide an overall solution for smart classrooms and smart meeting rooms, which has been well received by customers
Teacher Liu
Director of equipment/Haier

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