BYOM Bijie BYOM Multimedia Collaboration System Wireless Conference Solution

Advantages and characteristics of Bijie BYOM wireless conference

Support BYOM function, break free from wire system to help wireless meetings

Supporting BYOM function, cameras, microphones, and audio devices that can be wirelessly connected to USB interfaces can further achieve wireless conference, break away from wired systems, and be more convenient, improving the overall aesthetics of the conference room.

Can adapt to commonly used video conferencing software and quickly start video conferences

It can be adapted to Tencent Meeting, DingTalk, Zoom, Teams and other software video conferencing platforms, and can directly convene or join video conferences on the conference terminal. When users need to share desktop content, they only need to project the computer or phone screen to the conference terminal, without the need to open the conference software to join the conference.

Supports BYOD function, no need to download screen projection software, supports 6 channels on the same screen

Supports BYOD function, mobile phones and computers can wirelessly project screens, compatible with AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, Googlecast, HUAWEI Cast+, and BJCast projection protocols; Customers can choose to directly project the screen without downloading the software, which is simpler to use and can support up to 6 same screen displays.

Supports 4K high-definition screen, providing the ultimate visual experience

The conference partner adopts an independent encoding and decoding chip, supporting a 4K high-definition screen, which not only meets the office needs of enterprises, but also provides better visual effects.

Support video conferencing and local screen mirroring for same screen display

Supporting video conferencing and local screen mirroring content to be displayed on the same screen without interfering with each other. In enterprise office processes, video conferencing and local screen mirroring can save time and improve work efficiency.

The specific operation steps are as follows:

  1. The display screen is connected to the BJ66 wireless conference terminal, and the camera and microphone are connected to the BJ66 via USB;
  2. WCB06 wireless conference partner BJ66 pairing;
  3. After successful pairing, insert WCB06 into the computer and wait for WCB06 to start;
  4. Using Tencent Meeting as an example for demonstration, open Tencent Meeting;
  5. Click the small button to turn on mute; Click again to unmute; Long press the small button to activate anti mirror mode;
  6. Click the big button to project the computer screen onto the TV.