BYOM Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System BYOM Enterprise Wireless Meeting Solution Provides Remote Video Access

With the popularization of 5G, the concept of carrying personal devices for work (BYOD) has blossomed throughout China. Its features of no wiring and easy to use have led more and more enterprises and individuals to become accustomed to wireless transmission instead of traditional HDMI and VGA cables. Meeting rooms and classrooms are equipped with wireless projection, and conference tablet manufacturers have built-in wireless projection, etc. It seems that overnight, it has become a standard configuration in the industry.

Due to the continuous impact of the post pandemic, more and more enterprises are becoming accustomed to using video conferencing for remote communication and business development; In this context, soft video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Tencent, DingTalk, Teams, Feishu, WebEx, Polycom, and others have risen strongly, such as Logitech, Polycom, Weihai De, Tomorrow, and Ermuda. A group of conference peripheral manufacturers have begun to embrace cloud video platforms, transform to USB peripherals, and usher in explosive business growth after another round.

At the same time, with the continuous increase in the number of new and old video conference rooms, there are more and more problems and complaints that are troubling construction parties and users, such as difficult wiring, construction, and maintenance, messy conference desktops, and the need to connect multiple interfaces to laptops. The concept of BYOM (carrying personal devices for video conferencing) has also become popular worldwide and has been advocated by major technology companies.

In this context, Bijie has launched a wireless conference solution that utilizes the multimedia collaboration system BJ66+WCB06 wireless conference companion.

This is for enterprise conference rooms, using the multimedia collaboration system BJ66+WCB06 wireless conference companion. It can meet the needs of local conference screen sharing and provide remote video conference access. It can be matched with software video conference platforms such as Tencent Meeting, DingTalk, Zoom, Teams, etc.

The product adopts an integrated structural design, with 2 built-in high-speed WiFi processing modules, a hidden high gain antenna, supporting 4K high-definition display, 1 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output, independent audio input/output, gigabit Ethernet interface, and USB/Type-C expansion interface.

The multimedia collaboration system BJ66 can connect USB devices, microphones, USB cameras, and monitors through HDMI cables. The WCB06 wireless conference companion connects to a computer with two buttons, big and small. The small button can turn on/off mute, and long press to turn on anti mirror mode; One click screen projection with a large button.

Just connect the monitor, USB camera, and USB microphone to the multimedia collaboration system BJ66 for the first time, and pair the WCB06 wireless conference companion with BJ66. For subsequent meetings, simply plug the WCB06 into the computer and use it, without the need to set up a meeting scene again.