BYOM Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System BYOM Wireless Conference Solution Six Core Functions

AV device wireless connection

When using a laptop for meetings, the panoramic camera and omnidirectional microphone in the conference room can be accessed wirelessly, supporting video conferencing platforms such as Tencent Meeting, DingTalk, Zoom, Teams, etc.

Local view sharing (anti mirroring)

Share the content of the conference room display screen directly with remote attendees through the conference application.

4K high-definition collaborative sharing

One click sharing of computer desktop content, providing a 4K high-definition screen transfer experience.

Wireless conference partner supports 3840 * 2160 ultra high definition screen projection display

  • Type-C interface
  • Independent encoding and decoding chip
  • Using H.265 hard coding and decoding
  • Screen projection and anti mirror duplex design
  • Built in WiFi6 (802.11AX) wireless module

Automatically convert meeting minutes to text

The Bijie wireless conference terminal supports subtitle display of meeting minutes and can automatically recognize and convert voice content into subtitles.

Charging interface

Enable worry free collaboration for computers with only one Type-C interface, while maintaining charging for wireless meetings.

Wireless screen projection

Supports screen mirroring on mobile phones and computers, compatible with Airplay, Miracast, GoogleCast, HuaWei Cast+, and BJCast protocols.