Car screen projection – Bijie car screen projection integrated SDK solution provides a one-to-one customized solution to meet the needs of different car models and brands

The following are the core contents and characteristics of the plan:

The Bijie car screen projection integrated SDK solution is a technology that seamlessly connects smart devices such as smartphones and tablets with car systems, achieving screen sharing and interactive operation. Through this solution, car owners can project content from their phones or tablets onto the car screen, enjoying a more stunning visual effect and a more convenient operating experience.


Functional characteristics

  1. Intelligent wireless mirror screen mirroring: compatible with mainstream screen mirroring protocols such as AirPlay, Miracast, Huawei cast+, etc. Whether it’s an Apple or Android phone, fast screen mirroring can be achieved without the need for additional apps.
  2. USB Cable Screen Projection: By connecting with a USB cable, the phone’s content can be synchronized to the car’s large screen, enabling screen projection while charging, making driving more reassuring.
  3. Video App Projection: Supports DLNA protocol, popular video apps such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, etc. can be pushed to the car’s large screen with just one click, enjoying stunning audio-visual experience.
  4. Multi screen interactive system: specially designed for luxury car models, the front large screen content can be seamlessly transmitted to the rear entertainment system, and the whole car shares exciting content.
  5. Native protocol compatibility: No need to install additional software, directly utilize the native screen projection function of the phone to achieve fast connection and stable transmission.

Technical advantages

  1. High definition picture quality: The system optimizes audio and video content to ensure high-definition, smooth picture and sound quality.
  2. Strong compatibility: Supports multiple operating systems and device models to meet the needs of different users.
  3. Customized services: customized development can be carried out according to customer needs to meet the needs of different car models and brands.
  4. Real time update: The software system is updated in real time, continuously optimizing functions and performance, and improving user experience.

Development tool support

Bijie provides a complete SDK development kit that is compatible with in car systems such as Android and Linux. This provides users with the possibility of easy secondary development, helping them create exclusive in car intelligent screen projection systems.

Applicable scenarios

The Bijie car screen projection integrated SDK solution is suitable for various scenarios, including but not limited to family travel, business travel, tourism travel, daily driving, etc. Whether it’s watching movies at family gatherings, showcasing PPTs during business trips, or navigating and watching attraction introductions during travel, this solution can provide excellent visual experience and operational convenience.

In summary, the Bijie in car screen projection integrated SDK solution provides car owners with a brand new driving and entertainment experience through its intelligent wireless mirror projection, USB wired projection, video app projection, multi screen interactive system, and powerful development tool support, among other functional features and technological advantages. This solution can provide satisfactory solutions for both the customization needs of car models and the pursuit of high-definition image quality and smooth operation.