Classroom Screen Projection – Bijie Interactive Classroom Solution

The Bijie Interactive Classroom Wireless Screen Projection Solution is based on BYOD’s interactive teaching application scenario, achieving wireless screen projection and screen sharing on mobile phones and computers, allowing teachers and students to more flexibly and conveniently demonstrate courseware and teaching content through wireless screen projection, making teaching more vivid.

Intelligent terminal wireless display screen projection

Wireless display for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac smart terminals, compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, DLNA, GoogleCast, and BJCast protocols.

Supports scanning and screen casting, as well as screen casting with code casting

Using the Bijie screen casting client software, it can provide scanning code direct casting and screen casting code fast casting functions

Support for unified management platform

Provide unified operation and maintenance management of screen projection equipment, screen projection data statistics, and support privatization deployment

Provide SDK development kit

Bijie provides a complete transmitter SDK and receiver SDK, which can provide C/C++, node. js, C #, Object C, NW, and Electron interfaces.

Support integration with third-party teaching systems

It can be integrated with school information systems such as teaching management systems, teaching live streaming systems, and teaching tutoring; Integrating teaching technology with teaching content

Multi channel wireless projection display
1-6 adaptive on-screen display;

Suitable for classroom PPT presentations, homework comparison and evaluation, topic explanations, etc; The touch screen can also be used to mute, zoom in, zoom out, and raise the screen for projection.

Support screen projection across network segments and VLANs

Extended screen projection&program window projection

Expanded screen projection: PPT speech can be expanded to display screen projection, and local courseware notes can be previewed and explained;

Program window projection: supports specified application window projection

Campus promotional wallpaper rotation

The projection box supports wallpaper rotation, allowing for scrolling of course schedules, formula tables, and course requirements as wallpapers;

Promotional images can be replaced through local USB drives or unified management platforms, and up to 20 images can be customized for rotation;

Screen projection reverse control

Bijie Education’s wireless screen projection device supports reverse control of computer and mobile phone screen projection

The intelligent terminal of the teacher or student is projected onto the large screen, and the teacher can reverse control the projection device on the large screen for page flipping, scrolling, and other operations.

Comment on the content of the screen projection

The mobile terminal can project the screen onto the large screen, and the annotation function can be enabled through the large screen touch control to annotate the displayed content in real-time, improving the teaching interaction experience.

Electronic whiteboard