As the gateway of Southwest China to Southeast Asia and South Asia, Xishuangbanna is gradually carrying the important mission of meeting and sending, exchanging needs, deepening exchanges and promoting cooperation with Southeast Asia and South Asia! With the gradual opening of Pan Asian high-speed railway, Xishuangbanna will gradually become an important transportation hub of six Southeast Asian countries!

With the gradual improvement of the transportation network, Xishuangbanna transportation will enter a new stage of comprehensive, coordinated and intelligent development. In this new stage of development, traffic command center plays an important role.

Xishuangbanna traffic police detachment consists of three functional areas: synthetic operation command center, decision-making consultation room and report hall. Creator quick 4K visualization distributed system is used in the three functional areas. Among them, the command center integrates many application systems inside and outside the industry, thousands of static and dynamic data, and tens of thousands of video monitoring signals. The internal command center is interconnected with the decision-making consultation room and the report hall, and the external command center is interconnected with the provincial traffic command center and the district and county traffic police detachment. A comprehensive traffic operation monitoring business platform with comprehensive monitoring, coordination and linkage, interconnection, centralized control, operation analysis, emergency support, information submission and comprehensive services has been built. It takes a panoramic view of transportation in Xishuangbanna, changes the way of data management of each business line in the past, improves the comprehensive transportation coordination ability, and effectively supports the urban transportation operation.

The integrated combat command center covers many monitoring fields, including urban road network, expressway, ordinary highway, rail transit, etc. the distributed system can decode a variety of monitoring signals and transmit real-time information to the command center in time. It can preview the traffic images of each traffic node, the traffic conditions of main streets in the city, and the monitoring images of key road conditions. It can be transferred to the large screen of the command center with one click, and the images can be spliced. It is eye-catching, intuitive, real-time, accurate, and efficient, which completely changes the previous single and block monitoring management mode. Quickly overview the overall situation, quickly arrange the emergency plan, quickly monitor the work status results, timely analysis, real-time decision-making, fast command.

In addition, the distributed command center can also realize 7×24 continuous on duty and all-weather operation monitoring service, providing decision support for traffic and transportation of normalization or major activities.


Distributed system can realize the integration and intercommunication of cross department traffic data, break the information island, and form Xishuangbanna traffic information resource center. And the command platform is connected with the relevant management departments and industry enterprises to exchange and share signals and data, and realize the interconnection between them, as well as the interconnection of video conference system. The coordinated dispatching of road network traffic is realized in an all-round way. To build a smart transportation integrated operation command center with the characteristics of “up and down connection, left and right connection, interconnection and information sharing”.

In the joint office, through the 4K distributed KVM agent management function, it can realize the man-machine separation, one machine with multiple screens, one person with multiple machines, OSD menu management, user permissions and other management mechanisms, and effectively improve the operator’s work efficiency and system security.

Xishuangbanna is speeding up the construction of highway network, railway network, aviation network and rail transit network, actively building a comprehensive transportation hub facing Southeast Asia, building an international transportation channel interconnected with surrounding countries, and building a fast and smooth transportation channel with surrounding cities.

    The completed Intelligent Transportation Command Center will be a comprehensive perception Internet of things covering transportation infrastructure and people, vehicles, things and other aspects, so that all kinds of traffic activities can be measured, controlled and visualized, covering daily operation monitoring, intelligent travel services and other functions, providing humanized, comprehensive and intelligent transportation travel services for the public, and providing scientific decision-making and emergency guidance for industry management It provides information support for power dispatching.

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