There are several wireless projection devices on themarket. Do you know how to buy them? Here we discuss the comparison between Bijie conference box and Apple TV box. We are often asked by users about the difference between Bijie conference box and Apple TV box. Users hope that we can make a fair comparison between the two.

let’s compare the differences between Bijie conference box and Apple TV box:

Bijie conference box and Apple TV box are wireless projection devices, which can project multimedia files to the display screen and projector with HDMI port between computers or mobile devices. Bijie conference box is designed for the collaborative work of school and conference office, while Apple TV box is designed for watching TV programs and sharing personal media at home.

generally speaking, Apple TV box is only compatible with apple series products. For example, the airplay feature can project the screen of a MacBook or IOS device onto an Apple TV box. Apple limited the airplay function to only be used on Apple devices. The problem of operating system compatibility limited the use of Apple TV box among more devices. Bijie conference box is compatible with airplay, miracast, widi and bjcast (self-developed) projection protocols. It supports file projection of windows, MacOS, Android and IOS operating systems. It is suitable for various collaborative office application scenarios such as office meetings, education and training, product release and so on.

Apple TV box focuses on applications designed to replace traditional TV and movies. When you open the Apple TV box, you will see Apple’s classic app icon wall. Through these apps, Apple TV box can access your media subscription and play your favorite programs and movies on your TV. This clearly shows that the Apple TV box is designed for watching programs and other personal entertainment at home. The Bijie conference box supports the projection of multimedia files such as video, audio, office documents and pictures onto the display screen after being opened on the mobile device or computer, without limiting the projection effect of any application, which gives users a scheme choice for using the Bijie conference box to meet the needs of wireless projection in various scenes.


have been continuously tested and optimized. Bijie conference box is more suitable for enterprise network environment. In the complex network environment, the dual band 5gwifi receiving signal of the Bijie conference box is stable, while the local WiFi hotspot of the Bijie conference box allows users to use the Bijie conference box normally to hold meetings in areas not covered by WiFi.

Bijie conference box and Apple TV box are two different boxes. If you want to easily watch movies or entertainment at home and you happen to have other Apple products, you should consider Apple TV box. If you are looking for conference and office equipment for professional work, Bijie conference box is the best choice for wireless projection screen specially designed for your classroom and office.

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