Comparison between BJ60S, BJ62S and BJ72

BJ60S, BJ62S, BJ72, and BJ80 are wireless display devices developed by BiJie Networks. All devices are commercial-grade products, which are mainly used in enterprises and education.

So, what are the differences and similarities between BJ60, BJ62S, BJ72 and BJ80?Here, we conduct a comparative analysis from the functional level to facilitate companies and educational institutions to find which device is right for your need.

Main Similarities

As can be seen from the comparison table above, the main differences between BJ60, BJ62S, BJ72 and BJ80 are:

  • BJ60S, BJ62S, BJ72 and BJ80 do not need to install any software:
    • Airplay: utilize built-in screen sharing or video sharing or music sharing from your iPhone, iPad or Macbook
    • Google cast: enjoy Google cast screen mirroring or Windows mirroring from your Android device or the Chrome web browser or Chromebook
    • Miracast and WiDi: enable peer-to-peer connectivity within Windows or Android devices, can share screen and voice
  • BJ60S,  BJ62S, BJ72 and BJ80 support management platform.
  • BJ62S BJ72 and BJ80 support multi-way presentation.

Main Differences

As can be seen from the comparison table above, the main differences between BJ60S, BJ62S, BJ72 and BJ80 are:

  • BJ72, BJ80 support multi-box collaboration:
    • master to slaves: share master screen of master BJ72 and BJ80 to all of slave BJ72 and BJ80.
    • slaves to master: drag one or more screens of slave BJ72s and  BJ80s to master BJ72 and BJ80, can annotate on master BJ72 and BJ80.
  • BJ60S is a plastic shell with built-in antenna. BJ62S, BJ72 and BJ80 are aluminum alloy shell, CNC integrated processing molding, external antenna.
  • BJ80 supports simultaneous 9 presenters on screen.
  • BJ80 is the new product of BiJie, and BJ80 supports WIFI6, which has faster network experience.

About BiJie

BiJie is a high-tech R&D enterprise focusing on the wireless display and interactive. It is committed to provide leading wireless display and interactive product and solution of smart meeting room and classroom. 

BiJie can supply Miracast SDK or WiDi SDK which supports UIBC and Intel Cursor. We also can supply SDKs of other Wireless Display protocols such as Airplay, DLNA, Google Cast.

At present, BiJie Networks has established cooperation with hundreds of well-known companies and institutions in the world, including Haier(SEHK1169) , ,, PetroChina(NYSEPTR), MCC, Accenture(NYSEACN), Osram(FWBOSR) and many other industry-level head enterprises.