Computer screen mirroring – How can Apple computers quickly screen mirroring? Shortcut key collection

Apple computer screen mirroring is a practical feature where users can project their computer screen onto another AirPlay enabled device, such as a TV or a large display screen. This feature can help users engage in activities such as demonstrations, watching videos, and playing computer games, improving their work and entertainment experience. Apple computer screen mirroring can be connected wirelessly and wirelessly.

The copy and expand modes in Apple computer screen mirroring can be easily switched by using the following shortcut keys:

Command+F1: Enable and disable replication mode

Option+F1: Enable and disable extended mode

Command+F2: Switch annotation toolbar

Command+F3: Switch all toolbars

By using these shortcut keys, users can switch between copy and expand modes more quickly and conveniently.

In addition to using shortcut keys, we can also use the following steps to project the screen:

Go to “System Preferences”

Select the “Display” option

Select the “Display” option in the “Arrange” tab

Enable or disable replication and expansion modes

In this way, users can more conveniently perform multitasking and improve work efficiency.