Computer screen projection – How does a computer project onto a TV? Methods applicable to Windows and Apple computers

Sometimes watching movies and TV shows on a computer may not be satisfying enough, and one may need to project the screen onto a large screen for viewing, or some work may require projecting the screen onto a large screen for giving a speech. So how does a computer project its screen onto a TV? What are the methods?

Method 1: Wired screen projection:

(Cable projection can be said to be the most stable and effective type of projection, and is also suitable for all types of computers and televisions.)

1. Prepare an HDMI high-definition cable and connect both ends to the TV and computer respectively;

2. Open the computer and use [WIN]+[P] to open the screen projection settings, select to copy;

3. Turn on the TV and use the remote control to switch the TV signal source to HDMI for screen mirroring.

Reminder: If the HDMI 1 interface is inserted into the HDMI high-definition cable TV end, when switching signal sources, switch to the corresponding HDMI 1 signal source; When inserting the HDMI 2 interface, switch to the HDMI 2 signal source when switching signal sources.

Although wired projection is stable, it has space limitations and cannot be used if the distance is too far.

Method 2: Wireless screen projection:

(Wireless screen mirroring is suitable for smart TVs, Win10 computers, and Apple computers, and ensures that the smart TV and computer are connected to the same WIFI network.)

Windows Notebook:

1. First, click on the start icon in the bottom left corner and open the settings in the pop-up menu.

2. Click on the system options, search for and click on the “Connect to Wireless Display” button on the display page.

3. On the right side of the screen, a connection list interface will pop up. Find and connect your device, and wait for the display to show successful connection.

Macbook notebook:

1. Firstly, click on the “Screen Mirroring” button in the upper right corner of the computer screen.

2. In the pop-up window, devices that can be projected will be scanned, and you can click to connect the screen.

Although it is convenient to have a built-in screen projection on a computer, it requires high network requirements and may drop off when the network is unstable. If you are having a video conference or discussing a solution with a client, and the screen always drops, I believe it will greatly affect your mentality and the client’s impression. Moreover, many televisions in China have not yet connected to the AirPlay protocol and do not support Apple computer screen mirroring.

(Supports Miracast AirPlay, WiDi, Google Cast, Huawei Cast+and other screen projection protocols, with practical functions such as information dissemination, weak network confrontation, bidirectional reverse control, and multi-channel screen projection, ensure that the TV and Bijie devices are connected to the same local area network before use;

1. Firstly, connect the Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System to the TV via an HDMI cable;

2. According to the properties of the computer, Enable WiDi screen mirroring on Windows computers and AirPlay screen mirroring on Apple computers;

3. Select to connect to the wireless monitor, then in the pop-up box on the computer, search for the name of the Bijie device, and click connect;

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Method 4: Bijie screen projection software:

(The combination of Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System and Bijie Screen Projection APP is more convenient and stable to use)

Go to the official website of Bijie to download the Bijie screen mirroring client, connect to the Bijie multimedia collaboration system, enter the mirroring code or scan the QR code to connect.

The above is the relevant content of computer screen projection TV, hoping to be helpful to you!