Computer Screen Projection – How does an Apple computer project onto a TV?

How to project the screen to the TV and projector on an Apple computer. Can wireless screen mirroring also be used?

Whether you are Skyworth TV, Hisense TV, Konka Changhong TV, or TCL, you can use the method introduced in this article to successfully project your Mac computer onto a large screen.

After screen mirroring, it is convenient to play video files, office files, and screen mirroring computer games. A small screen is not conducive to sharing. After screen mirroring, a group of people gather around the large screen to discuss, which is the meaning of screen mirroring.

Projection conditions

1. The TV needs to support the airplay projection protocol first

If your TV itself does not support it, or if the airplay projection is damaged, downloading the Bijie projection software on the Bijie official website can also meet the conditions.

2. Connect your Mac to the same WiFi as your TV or projector.

Regarding network requirements, the TV and computer being projected must be connected to the same WiFi (network on the same router) in order to search.

3. Turn on the built-in screen projection function of the MAC computer.

Open screen casting software for TV, such as Bijie’s screen casting TV version, and let the TV release Airplay screen casting service.

Then open the Mac computer, click on the screen projection button (small TV logo) in the menu bar at the top of the Mac, search for “Bijie Screen Projection XX”, and connect to start screen projection on the TV.

New system steps:

  1. Ensure that Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same network.
  2. Click on the “Screen Mirroring” icon in the “Control Center” at the top of the desktop, and then select your TV
  3. The old Mac system is also at the top, select the screen mirroring icon, and initiate a screen mirroring search.

 Frequently asked questions

Why do some Mac computers not have a screen mirroring button

If you find that there is no screen mirroring button in the upper right corner of the computer, follow the following steps to set it: Settings – Display – Check – Show Mirror option in the menu bar.

Why is there no sound when casting a screen on a Mac computer

Please select Sound Output in the computer settings and output it to the name of the TV you want to screen, such as Bijie screen casting XX. This is the solution.

What should I do if there is a delay in screen mirroring if it is not a smart TV or WiFi

1. When using WiFi projection mode, there may be delays or stutters to some extent. In this case, the general method is to shorten the lifting distance, avoid obstruction, and use the 5G frequency band of dual band WiFi.

2. Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System: Both come with 5G hotspots, which can effectively reduce latency and improve clarity. If the TV is not a smart TV, it can also solve the problem of no screen projection.