Conference room projection, how to switch the computer projection in the conference room,

for the current conference room projection, each company uses its own different needs, and some companies only need “convenience and quickness”. Just like the user consultation some time ago, the user said, “the boss needs a screen projector that can cast the screen at the touch of a button to ensure the stability of the screen.”

conference room how to switch the display of multiple computer screens to large screens or projectors

Bijie multi screen collaboration device supports four computers to be projected on the TV at the same time, and the connection method is very simple. The first use completes the screen projection process within one minute. In subsequent use, you only need to plug the USB key into the computer.

1. The TV is connected with the projection box with HDMI cable, and the picture on the TV is displayed as the standby picture of the projection box (wallpaper users can customize and replace);

2. Insert the USB key into the computer, and then press the key once, and the computer screen will appear on the TV (four screen display is supported, that is, four computer screens can be displayed at the same time).

warm tips: Bijie multi screen collaboration device also supports wireless screen projection at the mobile end. Apple mobile phone uses its own screen mirroring function, and Android mobile phone supports its own wireless screen projection function.