communication technology has gradually improved and matured, and is widely used in enterprises, schools, hospitals and other industries. Video conference has also become a necessity for everyone to work, and the remote video conference projection needs to combine the terminal with the wireless projection scheme. The wireless projection of the conference realizes data sharing and interaction, and can be viewed on the large screen, so the participants’ participation in the conference is significantly different. Conference projection wireless solution – how to achieve more projection and one display? What are the advantages?

how to achieve

compatibility: Bijie wireless projection scheme successfully connected with nailing, Tencent conference and other remote video conference software to achieve video conference projection. Bijie wireless same screen solution can be connected with various mainstream video conference systems, which can be said to be fully compatible. That is, no matter what brand of video conference system you have, you can realize the interactive functions of video conference, such as wireless screen projection, multi-channel split screen, file on-screen demonstration, mobile terminal access and so on.

full protocol support: airplay, miracast, googlecast, DLNA, widi, cast + conference wireless projection is more flexible and multi terminal compatible: electronic devices supporting IOS, Android, MacOS and windows operating systems participate in video conference wireless projection. Real time wireless sharing of mobile phone and computer display content, truly achieve full terminal compatibility, more mobility and convenience. Multi split screen display: Bijie wireless projection scheme can display the contents of multiple terminals in six split screens in the same display device. Both internal and external network sharing can be deployed, and the 6-way projection screen can be switched arbitrarily to improve the conference efficiency. Therefore, Bijie conference projection screen is suitable for enterprise conference in terms of compatibility and synergy. The conference projection scheme is very important for the wireless sharing and cooperation of conference data, which makes the coordination ability of remote office stronger.