Debugging method for screen mirroring – AirPlay screen mirroring

Airplay screen mirroring is a built-in projection function on MacBook, and it is also the only way for our company’s wireless projection device to connect with MacBook. The Airplay screen mirroring is not displayed on MacBook, and users can roughly do it from the following two points.

1. If there are Apple phones or devices that support Airplay screen mirroring around, the screen mirroring on the MacBook will automatically appear.

Macbooks must be on the same local area network as devices that support Apple phones or Airplay screen mirroring, and the network segment must be consistent. Many companies have designated network segments, which results in our wireless projection supporting Airplay screen mirrors even on the same router, but the Airplay screen mirrors do not display. The main reason is that the first three segments of the IP address are different,192.168.100. X.

Solution: If the company specifies the allocation of an IP, then specify that the MacBook and Wireless screen casting are in the same network segment. If they are not assigned a static IP, then restart the router and try again.

2. Check BonjourService: Sometimes BonjourService is turned off and needs to be enabled.

On MacBook, download the iTunes software and check if BonjourService is available in Task Manager. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the keyboard or point to the taskbar with the mouse and right-click to open Task Manager on your computer. Check for the BonjourService program in “Services” and right-click to start.

If the Airplay screen image on your Macbook often doesn’t display, you can also debug it in this way, making the Airplay screen image on our Macbook “nowhere to escape”. If you don’t have our wireless screen projector by your side, it’s the same with an Apple phone.