DingTalk screen casting – How does DingTalk screen cast? How to set up DingTalk screen projection on the projector?

How should DingTalk project the screen onto the device? Connect a projector that supports DingTalk projection function to the same Wi Fi as your phone or computer to display the screen on the projector.


1. Open the chat dialog box of DingTalk, click the+sign on the right side of the personal center avatar in the upper right corner, click the screen casting button, and follow the system prompts to set the screen casting options.

2. After clicking, you need to enter the screen casting code, or you can add your own device to join the screen casting queue. Only by entering the correct screen casting code can you successfully match it.

3. Click the “+” on the right to add another device, and then click “Start Screen Projection”.

4. After all the preparations are done, click on the start screen projection button below. Wait for a few seconds for the system to automatically recognize the surrounding connection environment and prompt whether the connection was successful.

This screen projection method is suitable for smart devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. With just 2 minutes and 3 steps to set up, you can easily transition from small screen to large screen, and even novices can easily get started.