Enterprise Micro Projection – Guide to Using Bijie Enterprise Micro Edition Wireless Projection Device

Bijie Enterprise Micro Edition Wireless Screen Projector is a high-definition wireless screen projector designed specifically for enterprise WeChat conferences. Through it, the screen of mobile phones, tablets, and other devices is projected in real-time onto display devices such as televisions and projectors, achieving clear, stable, and smooth display of the screen. This product supports multiple people simultaneously casting screens and is suitable for various scenarios such as enterprise meetings, training, and remote collaboration.

Product features

  1. Wireless screen mirroring: No need for connecting cables, screen mirroring can be achieved through Wi Fi connection, convenient and fast.
  2. High definition image quality: Supports 1080P high-definition image quality, with clear and delicate images, meeting the high-end conference needs of enterprises.
  3. Stable and Smooth: Adopting the latest Wi Fi technology, ensuring the stability of the screen casting process and ensuring smooth and non lagging images.
  4. Multi person screen mirroring: Supports simultaneous screen mirroring by multiple people, enabling multi screen display and improving meeting efficiency.
  5. Strong compatibility: Supports multiple device platforms such as Android and iOS to meet the needs of different devices.
  6. Easy to use: Easy to operate, user-friendly interface, and easy to get started.
  7. Remote management: supports remote management, and administrators can remotely set parameters and view device status through the network.
  8. Flexible storage: Supports both local storage and cloud storage to meet different user needs.

Usage guide

  1. Installation steps

①Connect the Bijie Conference Box (Enterprise Micro Edition) to the enterprise LAN;

②Enterprise micro administrators install the “Bijie screen casting” mini program on the workbench;

③Enterprise and micro users open the “Bijie Investment Screen” on the workbench;

④Enter the “screen casting code” on the mini program interface, and the screen casting code can be found on the display interface of the Bijie Conference Box;

⑤Select the screen projection content according to the prompts in the pop-up browser and start the screen projection.

Note: Currently, only Enterprise WeChat PC version screen mirroring is supported, and other methods are used for mobile screen mirroring.

  1. Usage Tips

(1)During the screen projection process, the size and position of the projection area can be adjusted by dragging the screen.

(2)When multiple people are casting the screen, they can switch signal sources to view the images of different devices.

(3)During the screen projection process, the clarity and smoothness of the image can be adjusted by setting the resolution.

(4)After prolonged use, it is recommended to turn off the projector to extend its lifespan.

  1. Common problems and solutions

(1)Unable to connect to the projector: Please check if the power of the projector is turned on and ensure that the phone/tablet is connected to the same Wi Fi network as the enterprise WeChat.

(2)Screen lag: Please check if the network connection is stable and close other network applications that are currently in use.

(3)Unable to switch signal source: Please ensure that all devices are connected to the same Wi Fi network and correctly connected to the display device.

(4)Unable to adjust the resolution: Please adjust the resolution in the display device’s settings, or try using a different display mode.

(5)Unable to remotely manage: Please ensure that the administrator has set the correct network parameters and management permissions.

Bijie Enterprise Micro Edition Wireless Screen Projector is an efficient and practical enterprise WeChat conference accessory. Its wireless connection, high-definition image quality, stability and smoothness make it a powerful assistant for conference display. Through the introduction of this guide, users can have a more comprehensive understanding and use of the product, improving meeting efficiency and quality. At the same time, this guide also provides solutions to common problems, making it convenient for users to quickly solve problems. In short, the Bijie Enterprise Micro Edition wireless screen projector is a recommended enterprise WeChat conference accessory.