Wireless projection conference features

original title: wireless projection conference features

wireless projection conference features

the traditional multi-functional conference room has the following features

1. The conference system is multi-functional, with various functions and scattered structure;

2. There are many meeting rooms, scattered locations and scattered signal sources;

3. The wiring is complex, and there are many kinds of cables and interfaces, which are not unified;

4. The conference room has many sudden failures, poor predictability, large resource consumption, troublesome maintenance and poor system scalability.

wireless projection conference

wireless projection conference system makes the signals between various regions interconnected. The signals of each conference room can be retrieved in real time according to the authority, while the computer room center can monitor and dispatch all signals of all conference rooms in real time, It can control the equipment in each conference room in real time. The user can easily switch the real-time control signals and mobile signals in different areas with one touch. The common wireless projection conference of


is to wirelessly project our mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, computers and other devices on the large screen of the conference room, so as to carry out wireless sharing and cooperation on the large screen. It’s just one of the more wonderful things to share on the big screen. More importantly, we can write and annotate on the big screen instead of “working hard” in the traditional meeting.

wireless projection conference

wireless projection conference room features

1. Visual touch, one click projection, wireless projection

through the professional wireless sharing and cooperation system, the office equipment screen of the participants can be projected with one click and wirelessly projected onto the large screen of the conference room. Users can display multiple audio and video signals on the large screen in the form of multiple pictures with one touch, Perfectly realize the roaming, superposition, scaling and splicing effects of images.

2. Conference voting speech, HD recording and broadcasting

can realize the functions of conference speech discussion, video tracking, voting and so on. Combined with the distributed interactive system, it can directly connect with the conference recording and broadcasting server in the format of network data to realize multiple functions such as synchronous recording, real-time live broadcasting and post on-demand broadcasting of the conference process, so as to make the conference more


3. Cross network transmission. Remote conference is so simple. The


distributed system supports the interconnection of Internet audio and video, and users can simply operate through the touch terminal interface, It can quickly and efficiently interact and synchronously display language, video and images with local teams and customers.

wireless projection conference

4. Sub authority management makes the conference more confidential and secure. The multi conference room user authority of

distributed system carries out hierarchical management function, which distinguishes administrators and participants. Different personnel can operate the conference while managing the equipment or authority in their own area or subordinate areas. Perfect operation. The authority is divided into the smallest, which is convenient for the needs of different levels and types of units. Administrators at all levels can well grasp the degree of authority in their own region and greatly improve the confidentiality of the meeting.