on March 23, the market rose and fell in the morning and rose again in the afternoon; The Shenzhen Composite Index and the intraday strong shock rose, and the gem index rose more than 1% to recover 2700 points; The turnover of the two cities shrank, with a full day turnover of about 940 billion yuan, with a slight net outflow of funds from the north. As of the close of


, the Shanghai index rose 0.34% to 3271.03 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 0.73% to 12408.65 points, and the gem index rose 1.03% to 2715.95 points; The total turnover of the two cities was 942.8 billion yuan, and the net sale of funds from the North was 194 million yuan. “Spekds”, “spekds”, “spkds”, “spekds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spekds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds”, “spkds; Hydrogen energy, UHV, nuclear power, wind energy, energy storage, photovoltaic and other new energy sectors collectively rose, and CXO concept, 5g concept, large aircraft and sports concept were active.


Guosheng pointed out that the overall valuation of a shares has entered a relatively low range. At this stage, the opportunity is greater than the risk, and there is enough space for the upward rebound in the future. In terms of operation, although the current index has a demand for stepping back, there is limited downward space. Among them, the probability of the Shanghai index this year will not fall below the recent low. Due to the ebb of the speculation on the theme of short-term board connection on the disk, and the superposition market is about to enter the disclosure period of the first quarterly report, the stepping back of the index may switch the style to the trend track plate such as photovoltaic and lithium battery. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the change of the disk style, follow the change of the market and grasp the rotation rhythm of the plate, Control positions and be cautious to be long.


pointed out that although the market still has repeated risks in the short term, there is no need to be overly pessimistic about the future performance of a shares. In the near future, the market may be at the bottom stage. In the future, with the accelerated improvement of new social finance and the easing of external negative factors, a shares are expected to usher in the starting point of a new round of upward cycle. It is suggested to focus on two directions: first, focusing on the traditional infrastructure with stable growth and the improvement of real estate investment, upstream resource products may benefit more from this round of steady growth, such as nonferrous metals, building materials, petroleum and petrochemical, etc; Second, focus on the steady growth of new infrastructure, such as photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage and hydrogen energy; Digital infrastructure, such as IDC, big data cloud computing, etc.

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(source: Securities Times)