Here are four ways to show your Phone on your TV

Mobile phone wireless screen projection is actually a seemingly small, but very useful function, it can put our ordinary 6 inches of mobile phone screen, screen projection to 55 inches or even 65 inches of TV use, greatly meet our vision. Whether it’s playing games, watching videos, or sharing photos of a trip with family, casting a screen to the TV is more enjoyable than looking at the phone. Today I’m going to teach you three ways of projecting your screen from your phone to your TV.

The first: system screen

Most Android phones and Apple have integrated wireless screen projection into the system. Due to the variety of Android systems, the name of each manufacturer is not the same, some are called wireless display, and some are called wireless screen. As long as the TV and the mobile phone are in the same WiFi environment, turn on the screen projection function of the TV and open the screen projection option on the mobile phone, you can search for the TV, click the connection and the content on the mobile phone can be directly projected to the TV.

On the iPhone, it’s easier: pull out the control center, long press (or repress) the “screen mirror” button, and you can see your TV, connect it directly, or disconnect it.

The second: in-app screen projection

If you just want to watch a show or watch a video, then selecting the screen in the App is relatively more stable. At present, the major video software has integrated the screen function, generally integrated in the player interface, find the screen button in the playback interface, click to select the TV at home, the content will be cast on the TV.

Third: Using third-party software

If the first two functions are not very easy to use, you can also use some screen software to achieve. Generally, the third-party screen projection software needs to download the screen projection App on the TV and mobile phone at the same time, and then scan the code on the TV in the mobile App, and you can directly connect, but I personally feel that the delay of the third-party software is relatively high, and it is not as good as the fourth screen projection way to use the interactive box to cast the screen, and how to cast the screen.

Fourth: Use the Bijet interactive box

No need to install any software screen projection, multi-channel wireless screen projection, multi-screen interaction, the same screen display, wireless screen projection reverse control, comments, electronic whiteboard function, scan screen projection, screen projection, unified management platform,

In fact, it is very simple, the overall screen experience is very good, everyone hurriedly turn on the TV to try it, I believe you will fall in love with this humble but can enhance the experience of the small function!