Hotel Screen Projection – Bijie Hotel Screen Projection Solution, with one-on-one QR code projection technology for greater security

The impact of being able to freely project screens on the same WiiFi is also worth paying special attention to in hotel settings. The hotel network often consists of one area and one AP, all of which are on the same LAN. When room A501 takes out its phone, it can search for a bunch of TVs from other rooms. And it can freely project the screen, interfere freely, and disturb customers.

How to solve this pain point, is it to let the TV go back to non smart devices, or just muddle through and wait for things to happen before public relations?

The Bijie Internet Multimedia Collaboration System can solve the problem of wireless screen projection in hotels. Bijie Network has customized a complete hotel screen projection solution for hotels.

Bijie Hotel’s screen projection solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of large screen entertainment in hotels. It provides a secure screen projection solution with one-on-one scan code projection technology to prevent harassment, random casting, and accidental casting.

In hotel screen mirroring, Bijie Internet is more professional

Fully functional and experiential, supporting video client screen mirroring and Apple device AirPlay screen mirroring.

One on one scan code connection

The wireless screen casting function of the hotel screen casting app requires QR code authentication to be activated. The screen casting device can only be discovered after scanning the code authentication to prevent accidental casting.

Smartphone wireless screen projection

After scanning the code for authentication, it is perfectly compatible with third-party applications on mobile phones, such as Youku Video, Tencent Video, iQiyi, and other online video apps. Hotel guests can push any online video they want to watch on their mobile phones to the TV through screen mirroring. It also supports Apple AirPlay screen mirroring, including images, music, and videos.

Customizable integration

SDK integrated development package can be provided, and it can also be integrated and docked with hotel IPTV systems

Lowest cost, no need to modify hotel network

In the past, in order to achieve one-on-one screen mirroring for each guest room and prevent other guest rooms from searching for their own TV, network maintenance solutions required each guest room to prepare a separate AP or a separate router, with a router costing 70-80%. The cost of renovation was very high. With the help of Bijie Internet’s hotel projection solution, there is no need for a hardware gateway, supporting cross layer networks, unrestricted network or IPTV private network, and an APP/SDK to create a smart hotel projection life.
The biggest difference of Bijie Internet’s screen mirroring is that people who have not passed QR code authentication cannot search for TV on any mobile phone or video app, even if they are connected to the same WiFi. Only the guests in this room can scan the QR code with one click when they see the TV in their room, and search for the projection equipment to cast the screen. This method ensures effective separation between different rooms and avoids the risk of guests mistakenly placing media files in adjacent rooms, such as accidental or disorderly placement.

Looking forward to more widespread screen mirroring, bringing positive energy to hotels

With the rise of the concept of “smart hotels”, artificial intelligence appliances have entered the hotel industry. In order to attract a new generation of consumers to stay, hotels have introduced projectors, smart TVs, and projection functions, providing new ways for guests to entertain and travel for work. This is already a positive thing, and it should not be a problem for guests and practitioners in the hotel industry due to the imperfect home projection technology.
How to maintain the privacy of guests and prevent disputes and controversies caused by incorrect or disorderly submissions. The hotel screen projection solution brought today may be a quick solution.